Monday, September 13, 2010

You Deserve a Break Today

A day off from running! I know that Jess is on the verge of completing 100 consecutive days of running but I look forward to my days off.

Of course the day I decide to take off is absolutely gorgeous weather-wise for running.

I was sooooooo tempted to get in a few miles but I remember the promise I made to myself.

Remember, I'm glad to be able to run.....

I had a situation during yesterday's run that hasn't happened often to me. I was taking part in a group training run, when out of the blue I began having GI issues! WTF, I had already taken care of that???????

It was one of those moments when each running step was a crap shoot. Would I be able to make it to a restroom or not????

I was four miles from the car on Sunday morning!

Hey, there's a church, do you think they'll mind a sweaty runners coming inside to take a dump??? W.W.J.D.

Fortunately there was a gas station across the street that I remembered let us use their facillities before. Gingerly walking, I was able to ensure that this wasn't an embarrassing moment for me! Whew.......

So, what has been your embarrassing running moment??????


Marlene said...

That happens to me more often than I care to share!!


JoannaRuns said...

Thank you for the MUCH needed laugh (it's been sort of a rough day!). I definitely had GI issues for one mile of the Detroit Marathon last year. My most embarrassing moment still has to be the day I thought we were on a different path in the park than what we were on. Because we'd only run it 400 times before and I just wasn't paying attention.

Her Name is Rio said...

That WWJD - LOL!
Oh man. .. what a rough choice to make "in the moment." Enjoy your day off!

lindsay said...

LOL. I don't Jesus would mind... especially because it could come down to in the church bathroom or on the lawn!

I have this problem entirely too often - it is most definitely the worst feeling ever. Once I was ~5 mi from a bathroom... I made it ~3mi and then it was my shorts or the side of the (wide open-no trees no bushes) road. I chose the exposure of the road.

MCM Mama said...

I had a run recently where I had to walk home "clenching" because if I ran, I was going to have to stop on a neighbor's lawn...