Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yes I was Laboring.

Note to self, "never post about running without pain"....... ever again!!!!

The weather here turned on a dime to temps in the low fifties and wind gust up to 20 mph, so this was definitely going to be a fun run day!

I started running with a few of the TNT runners, only to have my stupid knee decided it wasn't getting enough attention in my blog, so it decided to make itself known to me about mile three!

So, needless to say I cut my run short and came home to show my knee some 'love'.....

So going forward, I'll be posting about the body parts that make my running enjoyable and keep me moving forward.

I'm icing my knee as I write this post and I'll do fifteen minutes of stretching for my legs when that's done.

Hopefully the Blogging or Running gods will be satisfied.


Anonymous said...

Oh crap.
Okay... let's ignore the knee for a while and give positive reinforcement to all the rest of the good running stuff!

JoannaRuns said...

Ugh--sorry to hear that!