Friday, September 3, 2010


My run this morning was actually fun!

It wasn't particularly longer or faster than normal, it was just fun. I had a chance to run a little with the local high school cross-country team, as they were training.

I must have been looking really good as I glided pass them, because they were clapping and cheering. okay I made that part up.....

I may have found the secret for me to run better, and it's sleep! That's right, the very thing that each of us does on a regular basis. I've noticed that the mornings that I get more than 7 hours of sleep, my subsequent runs are decent.

So going forward, I'll be logging the amount of sleep that i get on a regular basis. I wonder if I can get the government to fund this research study?

The weekend plans are TNT centric. We have a BBQ at an alumni house on Saturday, after the group training run. Sunday is a wedding for two alumni(no they didn't meet each other through TNT). Monday will be the unofficail end of summer 2010.

Okay, I hope everyone has a safe and fun filled weekend.


Her Name is Rio said...

That's great you had such a good run! I really need to work on getting more sleep. That's the one thing I usually sacrifice to do other things.