Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday's Why

Is it just me of does everyone have co-workers that think everything running related I know?

Okay here are the top questions I've heard a Brazilian times...........

How many miles is a marathon?
Do you run every day?
How fast can you run?
Did you win the race?
That's a big-ass watch(Garmin), what does it do?
My cousins runs, do you know him?
Do you run in the winter?
Isn't breathing cold air bad for you?

What questions do you get????


JoannaRuns said...

I *just* answered the question, "How many miles is a marathon" while eating lunch with co-workers. I also get, "Why would you do that?" My all-time favorite though, "Do your nipples bleed?"

Forward Foot Strides said...

Surprisingly most people I know don't ask about it often, except the other runners I know!

Non runners usually ask the same questions though - how long, how long do you expect to complete that time in, so on.

My mom always asks "are you sore after your runs?"

Marlene said...

I particularly like "My so-and-so ran a 5K marathon last month. How long was this one?"

Anonymous said...


How about folks referring to a race of any distance as a "marathon".

Racn4acure said...

If it's cold out, not breathing cold air is very bad for you, actually.

One of my all time favorites was "how many days will it take you to run the marathon?" My answer was that I would be really disappointed if I didn't finish the same day I started.