Friday, December 31, 2010 7 comments

Running with Scissors............

No, not really but I did run in shorts today!

Outside in Michigan on December 31st in shorts.....

Screw those Polar bears, I'm loving this stuff....... just kidding.

We have our New Year's Eve race today and I'm off to volunteer as a course marshal.

I love being a marshal at this race, I yell out fictitious times to the racers as they pass by.

Some people love it and then there are those that that offense to it, screw them!

Since everyone in Blogland is doing a year in review, I have to go back and see what happened in 2010 in my running life.

Nothing special for tonight and I hope to stay up until midnight, maybe I'll get in a nap.

Happy 2011..............
Wednesday, December 29, 2010 10 comments

Wednesday's WTF?????????

What the f*#k happened to me????

I'm sleeping in, eating and drinking anything placed in front of me.

I've been to the gym just once this week!

I'm not taking a shower unless absolutely necessary.......

All I need to do is start hoarding crap!

We're suppose to get a heatwave in the next few days, so I'm hoping for a run in shorts!!!!!

What challenges will we have for 2011?

We've done the 1,000 miles and don't forget the streaks..... What are you going to do?

How many days can I go without showering???????
Monday, December 27, 2010 4 comments

Post Christmas Stuffing

I don't even know what day it is but I am eating and drinking non-stop!

I've probably gained 453 pounds. I should be in the gym but we have more holiday parties to attend.

The weather has been cold and windy without a glimpse of the sun, so running has really been fun!

We had a great Christmas and I actually didn't get any running related gifts.

With 2011 just around the corner, I need to take a look at my race calendar.

I'm thinking of attempting to streak again, that might be my 2011 goal.

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and received everything that you had on Santa's list.
Thursday, December 23, 2010 6 comments

Three Things Thursday

1) Holiday shopping sucks! Why d I do this every year, waiting to the last minute? Oh well, who wouldn't want a red Snuggie?

2) Even with the crappy runs that I've been having, I am truly blessed to still be running. I didn't have an extended period of down time this year with an injury!

3) Some of my Team in Training participants are so enthused about running outside that we're planning an 'unofficial' training session for Sunday. Are these people great or what?

After today, I have the remainder of the year off from work until next year. Maybe I'll swing over to Hawaii and hang out with the Prez..........
Wednesday, December 22, 2010 7 comments

Wednesday's Why????

Three crappy runs in a row? Okay, in my best Nancy Kerrigan voice, "why me?".......

Is December the 'crappy run' month?

Should I just shut it down and take it easy?

Twelve Lords a Leaping would even be tired by now!

Hey, I could say I'm going to start up again on January 1.........

When do you rejuvenate your batteries? Everyone but Marlene, who is non-stop!!!!
Tuesday, December 21, 2010 6 comments

Tuesday's Thoughts..........

So you want to run a marathon????? Here are a few photos of friends of mine and the looks of joy on their faces.............. or not!!!!!!!

This Team in Training participant actually qualified for Boston with her completion time.

At least he wasn't looking down at his watch when his finish line photo was taken!!!!

But there are those moments when all of the hard work pays off and you can enjoy it with the ones you love.

So get out there and run...................
Monday, December 20, 2010 6 comments

I'm Ready to Kick Some Asphalt!!!

This ice and snow crap is getting 'OLD' already!

We had terrible running conditions for out Team in training group run. The path was a sheet of ice with footprints inserted. We actually took to the road at one point but the park police frown on that!

It must be a side effect of getting older but I don't remember being so concerned about slipping and falling when I was younger. Maybe it's that hip replacement thang when old people fall????

Needless to say, the group run was slower than any we've had so far this season. Did I mention 14º and wind???? It getting to look a lot like Christmas.

Sunday was a inaugural local 5k, which are always fun to be a part of. Sandy and I had preregistered and had bib numbers 41 & 43, which made me think this race is going to really be small. As it turns out, there were about 200 participants.

The course was a loop through a local park and golf course. This wouldn't be a bad course in the spring or fall but with the accumulated snow that we received it made for a lot of unstable running. I turned my ankles a few times and my knees took a beating, but I was having fun.

So now after icing my knees and watching some bad football on Sunday, my legs are trashed!

When did it get so hard????

Can someone remind me again why we love this sport?
Saturday, December 18, 2010 2 comments

You're the Best Chinese Hurdler Around

Who needs rules? I tell my participants to run the tangents and get to the finish line quicker, but this isn't what I had in mind.
Friday, December 17, 2010 6 comments

TGIF Tagging

I was tagged by LilMeg to answer a few questions about the year 2010.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2010?

I'm going to deviate a little and tell you what I am so proud of others close to me accomplished this year.
  1. My son completing his first marathon and being able to be there and run(really slow) the last 10k with him. After all the years of ridicule for my running, to actually see him take part in the sport was wonderful.

  2. Being there to support Sandy on the completion of her first (and probably only) 50 Mile Trail race! As much as I love running, this is the extreme. Knowing that I was a part of it for her made it that much more special.

3. To be able to run every month of the year! After the last few years, this was major accomplishment for me!

What are your running goals for 2011?

To stay injury free and enjoy every run that I have. I don't want to get caught up in time or distance but just enjoy the ride. I would like to have some post some good race times, but that's just between you and me.

What was your favorite race?

The Great Lakes Relay by far! I got a chance to run with co-workers and meet so many new running friends. Like my twin(Mike) in the photo. How could running 275 miles in three days with a group of smelly guys not be fun?

Even though I say I will never do this race again, it has a very special place in my heart.

What is your Holiday guilty pleasure?

Sweet potato pie! Who knew that one slice contain over 300 calories? So a whole pie would be at least..............., oh never mind................

What is your most embarrassing running moment?

This is an easy one, just insert poop story. I actually went in the middle of an elementary school playground. It was early in the morning and no children were harmed in the making of it! HA, I still imagine the first kid to come across it. Ewwwwwwwwwwww

Okay, I'm not going to tag anyone since it's Friday....

Have a great weekend and remember, 'only you can stop forest fires'.............
Thursday, December 16, 2010 6 comments

Three Things Thursday...........

1) I ventured outside for a run today since the sun was shining and the temps were in the twenties! It's amazing how conditioned we get in such a short time, I'm glad to run in the twenties???? Since we still have tons of ice on the roads and sidewalks, I ran in the Community center's parking lot! That's right, circles in a parking lot.........

2) I had to resolve an issue with one of the companies that I transfer my paycheck to on a monthly basis. I used their website to make a payment and it double posted a debit to my checking account. Since every customer service rep is in a different locale, I spoke with three different ones and the have been given three different pieces of information to supply. Needless to say, I've encounter a few overdrafts!!!!

3) I'm tired of winter already and it hasn't even started............. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH
Wednesday, December 15, 2010 7 comments

Wednesday's Why???????

We held our TNT Stretching Clinic last night and it's always fun to quiz the participants on their body parts.

So today's questions is 'why are our household pets smarter than us when it comes to stretching?'

I have to consciously make an effort to stretch at my desk. Who has 20 to 30 seconds to stretch, I ave to check Facebook?
Monday, December 13, 2010 4 comments

Baby, It's Cold Outside.......

If you watch Glee, that was the duet that Kirk did with his new 'friend'.... but for us in the High-Five state, it was the weather forecast!!!!

Sunday was a day of watching bad football(Packers lose to the LIONS?) and it snowed all day....

Hey, it's not even winter yet!!!!

Since I had sooooo much fun at our par-tay Saturday night, Sunday was a scheduled rest day for me. I didn't want to have to take a shower!!!

I think the next few days will be dreadmill workouts since the temps are in the single digits and the roads are super icy! The up side is I can wear some of my older shoes and running shorts on the treadmill.

Now I have to get my butt in gear and do some Xmas shopping........
Saturday, December 11, 2010 7 comments

Saturday Sweating to the Oldies

Only in the Midwest can 32º and no wind feel like running shorts weather!

At today's TNT group training no one took advantage of it though. As a matter of fact, I think everyone was way overdressed. I had to actually tell women to remove some of their clothing........... HA

It was so nice out that I coerced my 1/2 marathoners to go an extra mile!!!!

That may not sound like much to you guys but for a newbie to run an extra mile, well lets just say I'm they're favorite coach........

Here they are anxiously waiting to get started. It's really not that cold, I just made them stand for a couple of photos.

This evening is our Tuesday Running club Holiday par-tay! I may have pictures from that, unless I'm having too much fun..........
Friday, December 10, 2010 7 comments


I will probably get kicked out of the Community Center for farting while on the dreadmill too often!

Is it polite for me to excuse myself and pause the machine while I go to a secluded place?

I can't be the only person afflicted with this disorder.... (ha, treadmillotoesis)....

I guess I never think about releasing the gaseous fumes when I'm frolicking outdoors because I'm moving and can get away from it.

Since we're talking about gross stuff, I've noticed another body behavior that has me puzzled????

This one has to do with poop. I can go the entire workday without taking a magazine reading break but the minute I go for my 'lunchtime' run(which isn't the same time of day), I have to take a dump???

Is my body so excited about the opportunity to go run that it automatically decide to flush excess materials?

Is there something about the smell or appearance of the locker room that makes me ill??

Okay, I hope you weren't reading this while eating but inquiring minds what to know?????

Have a great weekend...........

Thursday, December 9, 2010 5 comments

Three Thing Thursday

1) Even with the risk of jinxing myself, I have not had any issues with my knees in weeks! That's right, I said it. No knee pain.... I attribute some of it to lower mileage and strengthening my quads but I think the secret is the Glucosamine Chondroitin......

2) I think the month of December will be my lowest mileage month of the year, damn those holiday parties..........

3) I need to find another novelty hat for races, this one is getting old.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 5 comments

Wednesday's Whys???????

Okay, today are a couple of those questions that we all get asked........

Why is it when you haven't seen a person in the past few months or years they ask: '...are you still running?' Can I ask them if they're still doing nothing??????????

The winter weather always brings out this one: 'You're going outside to run in this weather?'

Tuesday, December 7, 2010 7 comments

Tuesday's Thoughts

Okay, the drugs are winning the battle and I'm back to normal!!!!

How can a dusting of snow turn into icy roads and sidewalks?????????

Went to the visitation for my friend that passed and was really struck how everything (pictures, medals, newspaper articles) was about running. Now as much as I love running, I would like to be thought of in some other lights also. He even wore a race T-shirt in the coffin.............

I have to think of bribes to get my TNT folks out this weekend, we're suppose to get some more snow and frigid weather.....

I've been eating non-stop today??????????

Remember logging mile pre-Garmin???? Now I log 4.27 miles when in the past if was 4.5 or maybe even 5 miles, depending on how I was feeling.....

As long as I've been running, I know absolutely nothing about sports bras!

I have no 2011 running goals yet..........

I only ran 7.47 miles last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010 5 comments

Where Did it Go????????????

I'm referring to the weekend! This is the first weekend in a million years that I didn't get a run in.....

I made t to the dentist Saturday morning and discovered it was an gum infection that had slowed me down. I did however take your advice and had a few cocktails to ease the pain.....

I missed my first ever TNT group training in over six years on Saturday due to the infection!

Since I was on the gum infection diet, I didn't have the energy to get in a run once I started feeling better.

Sunday was our annual Team in Training Coach's Retreat in Lansing on the campus of Michigan State University. I love seeing all the other coaches and comparing notes and exchanging ideas, even if it takes an entire Sunday.

So there was no running for me........

I also received more bad news. A member of our Tuesday running club finally ended his fight with cancer and passed on Friday. This gentlemen had participated in every Detroit Free Press Marathon since it's inception. He was the patriarch of our club, Ralph Judd will truly be missed....
Friday, December 3, 2010 5 comments


I've never been a very good patient, so when I get sick or if I'm not feeling well every one knows!

Some time yesterday afternoon I started having a dull tooth pain, which is equivalent to labor pain for me. So I immediately went to bed, I didn't cross 'GO' and collect $200.

Well guess who takes Fridays off this time of year?

That's right, my dentist office is closed on Fridays.................. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

So I'm at work with co-workers asking if I'm okay. It must be that I'm not my normal cheery self or the fact that I haven't taken my head off my desk!

So now I have to drop Advil every few hours until I can get into the dentist office.

Is it just me or does everyone else seem happier and louder when I'm illin'??????

Of course this is also the beginning of non-stop weekend holiday celebrations, so have to get back to my normal life of the party self...........

Stay thirsty my friends........
Thursday, December 2, 2010 6 comments

Three Things Thursday

1) November is typically a month of recovery for me. After spending the entire spring and summer training it was always nice to just kick back and do nothing. But after reading the November recaps for a majority of you guys, I feel like a slacker! Some of you (Crazy Canadian) are even closing in on 2010 running miles in 2010, I'm not sure I drove that many miles!

2) Everyone knows that lean muscle burns more calories, so I've been spending more time in the gym pumping iron. I plan on purchasing some of those MC Hammer zebra parachute pants and spaghetti string tank tops to wear. The down side to the gym workouts is the soreness that I encounter each morning (D.O.M.S.).......... It's hell getting old.

3) A sad note. I just found out that the runner that went down at our local Turkey trot, passed yesterday. He had triple bypass surgery on Monday but it didn't help, he was 52 years old.
Wednesday, December 1, 2010 8 comments

Wednesday's Why???????

As I bribe myself to get my ass out the door in the cold, gray, windy evening for a run, I notice the little kids on the block playing as if it were summer vacation(with appropriate winter attire on)!

I've asked myself on several occasions, why the hell don't kids care or feel like colder temps should stop their fun.

Why can't I have that same enthusiasm about being outside?

Why can't I bust out of work with the same eagerness as kids leaving school?

I should be thankful for the 'playtime' that I have before.

Should I go next door and see if Johnny can come out and run a few miles with me?

How can I recapture that youthful attitude and make it fun again?

If this is truly something that I love to do, then it should put a smile on my face for the entire world to see.

Okay, time to go get Johnny..............

Remember, it's not how fast you're running but how good you look doing it...............
Tuesday, November 30, 2010 4 comments

Tuesday's Thoughts..........

Don't ask me why I never thought about it but your toes are nothing like your fingers! When I purchased my first pair of Injinji socks, I just assumed they would slip on like gloves on my fingers......... Duhhhhhhhhhh

I'm still getting strange looks when I get on the spinning bike at the gym. Granted there is nothing but weight lifting apparatus around the bike and I am the only one spinning..............

If the weather was gorgeous on a rest day and crappy on the following day(which is a scheduled run day) would you do both? You can't switch them..............

I'm longing for a race with a great looking cotton T-shirt!

Would you buy a book just because the author won a few major races?

We had an incident at our local Turkey Trot where a gentleman had an heart attack on the course. Fortunately help arrived in time to get him to the hospital. Ive heard that he's doing fine but probably would have died if he had been running alone and the same thing had occurred.....

Don't ask me how but I actually dropped a few pounds! Maybe the pie for breakfast diet has merit?????

Okay, time to go out into the rain and get wet....

Sunday, November 28, 2010 4 comments

Is it Over?????

Wow, was that a fun-filled relaxing long holiday weekend....

I ate pie, ran, drank several BEvERages, yelled at 17,000 Turkey Trot participants and slept in almost everyday!

For our local Turkey Trot, I was assigned the most important job of yelling the split of the 5k and 10k. I hope no 5k runners went 10k!

I miss one day of reading blogs (okay maybe a few days) and I have over two hundred post to read! Some of you have been busy.

Sandy is in heaven putting up tons of Christmas decorations that would make the malls envious! I still have to risk my life and climb up the ladder to put lights on the highest peaks of the house.

We even had an informal Team in Training group training run. It was cold and windy and I was truly impressed with the participants that showed up. I was soooooo impressed that we ran hills!

Okay, time to get back to reality and let this holiday season begin. Bring it on Monday, youa ren't so tough!
Wednesday, November 24, 2010 8 comments

Wednesday's Why

This is WHY, I can't do the Vibrams!

Check out the two middle toes and how they're trying to get intimate with the other toes......

I'm trying out the socks and they are an experience in their own ways...

Okay, tomorrow we're expected to get rain and colder temps, which is going to make calling out split times at our local Turkey Trot fun.........

Have a great Thanksgiving and remember what you're truly thankful for........
Tuesday, November 23, 2010 3 comments

Bloging PSA

We need your help............

Let's make this dream come true!
Saturday, November 20, 2010 4 comments

The 2011 Sping Team in Training

Since PowerBar is a sponsor, we have to give them their props!

This was a great training run even though it was short in terms of miles.

The treadmill runners found out the difference in running outside.

The 'lone wolf' runners learned about running with a group!

The gotta have music runners learned about running without music!

The walkers that want to run, learned to stay away from me, because they run more than normal!

As Tony the Tiger would say, it was GREAT!
Friday, November 19, 2010 5 comments

Let's Get this Party Started..........

Last night we had our 2011 Spring Kick-Off and you can see from all the smiling faces that they don't know what they gotten into!

The speaker was a young college athlete that was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma over a year ago. He was truly touched and inspired by the efforts of the team. I saw a few participants get teary eyed.

Notice all of the women? Why is so tough to get guys to do Team in Training, other than fund-raising and training? Never mind, I answered my own question.....

Well here are my only male runners. They're both just kids!

On a more serious note, I made the mistake of stepping on a scale this morning! No, I wasn't hurt physically but it did display some disturbing numbers......

I've come to the conclusion that my work cloths are too heavy! I need to somehow start wearing lighter clothing.....

It's not even winter yet and I'm gaining weight, WTF! So now i have to get back on the food journal and watch what I put in my mouth......

Have a great weekend out there

Be classy Blogland!
Thursday, November 18, 2010 8 comments

Three Things Thursday...........

1) Tonight is Kick-Off for the 2011 Spring season of Team in training!!!! I get a brand new bunch of runners and walkers to put through their training in the next five months..... I plan to chronicle this journey with more photos and hopefully something special for You-Tube.

2) When running outside of the need to expel gaseous fumes occurs, you just do it. I even will comment on the low-flying ducks, as an excuse for the sound. What's the appropriate procedure on a treadmill in the middle of a room? There isn't a lot of places to spit either.........

3) What do you think of the new logo for another race that I'm involved in? As you can see, it's never too early to start thinking about summer.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 9 comments

Wednesday's What?????

I am so interested in trying out a pair of these but have never pulled the trigger for fear of wasting my money!

I inherited my mother's feet and thus have bunions on both feet. I've had one foot operated on to correct it but not the other.

Has anyone heard or read about what bunions and toes moving do when running in these?
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 6 comments

Tuesday's Thoughts..........

As I was finishing a run and entering my sub-division, a neighbor drove by and honked. The neighbors think Sandy and I are crazy for running so much, we're known as the 'runners' on the street. How sweet would it be to have an entire neighborhood of runners? Can you imagine something like that or are you living that life right now? Boy, I would have no excuse to not run.....

Sandy ran a 10K race on Sunday and I ran the last mile with her. She had gone out too fast and didn't have a lot left in the tank, so she was in survival mode. I was trying to get her motivated to push pass the pain and finish strong(that's what I do!). We were passed by a few runners and it got me to thinking(notice the pattern here?). Are you a 'passer' or a 'passee' when it comes to the last few meters of a race? Do you save something for that final kick or are you just hanging on to finish?

Here's Sandy in the black compression socks, the woman in the red top is one of her age group competitors. They go back and forth beating each other at races. Sadly, Sandy didn't win on this day!!!!

How can I miss a couple of days of checking on post in Blogland and come back and have 65 post to read????

I spent almost two hours trying to renew my runner's World subscription online. I like to think that I'm tech savvy but I finally had to use the telephone!!!!!

My son completed the Malibu 1/2 Mary and learned some valuable lessons. Don't go out too fast and the hills will slow you down! Kids, don't you love them?????

Saturday, November 13, 2010 2 comments

The Fog....

This is the stuff we've been dealing with most of the week in the mornings...

This makes those morning runs even more dangerous than normal, so I decided to venture to the Team in Training venue.

I start back next week, so I wanted to show my face in the place and not shock people next week.

Man, I was in heaven out there! I was the only man running with women all over the park running..... Did I miss the memo about a man's meeting??? Where were all of the guys?

Now don't get me wrong but this was just strange....... Women running towards me, running behind me and even running with me.

Hey was that Adrienne Barbeau????

Needless to say I had a very enjoyable run today. I wonder if the fog will be back tomorrow????

Hope you're having a great weekend.
Friday, November 12, 2010 5 comments

TGIF Bitches...............

One of my Facebook friends always post that on Friday, so I said why not.............

Is it just me or are people coming up to you and saying they know you from some place???

At my last few TNT Informational meetings I've encountered people saying that.

Given the fact that I have a large personality and can be seen at most of the local running events, it could happen.

Do you see the same individuals at races and still don't know their names?

Are you bold enough to say hello to that woman or man that runs your pace and just beats you to the finish line?

Do you know your local age group winners by sight or even by name?

Okay, this is probably going to be our last few days of good running weather before reality sets in, so enjoy your 48 hours!
Thursday, November 11, 2010 6 comments

Three Things Thursday...........

1) Lawmakers here in the High-Five state have passed a bill that allows liquor sales on Sunday morning at 7:00 AM! Now I can replace my water bottles with a couple of forties on my Sunday long runs.........

2) I have started my very own one-person spinning class at my neighborhood gym. The gym has a scheduled spinning class but it's only once a week and later in the evening. I probably look like a geek on the bike while everyone else is pumping iron and posing in the mirrors but I don't' care!!! Maybe it's my cycling shorts and jersey that they're looking at????

3) I'm thinking of purchasing a hydration vest and wearing it at work. I need to stay hydrated during the day and I'm not doing a good job of it! I have my fluid bottle at my desk but it doesn't re-fill itself.
Wednesday, November 10, 2010 7 comments

Wednesday's Why?????

Since we are in the month of November my question is Thanksgiving themed.

Why are races on Thanksgiving so popular??

Locally we have over 4,000 people turn out for race and the early entry fee is $30!

I was looking around at other races and most of them sellout and the entry fees are expensive.....

I know that it's tradition for a lot of people but what else drives these numbers????????
Tuesday, November 9, 2010 3 comments

Tuesday's Thoughts....

Okay it's 5:28 PM EST and the sun is going down FAST! Where are my PJs??????

Her Name is Rio made me think about the numerous charging cables that I have for every portable electronic device I own. My Garmin, iPod, Tom-Tom, cell phone, Bluetooth, etc... I know I missing a bunch. Fred Sanford(Redd Foxx) had a drawer of eye-glasses and I have a drawer of charging cables.....

I just came to the realization that I am TIRED! It's not like tired legs or lack of sleep, I'm just tired.....

I plan on getting in some speed on Tuesdays until the road conditions make it hazardous!

I'm getting geeked for the upcoming TNT 2011 Spring season.............

I had an opportunity to celebrate with some of the Hanson's Distance Project runners last night and those kids are looking younger! They're skinny and young, now I know why I'm not faster.........

I guess I'll be eating supper now that it's dark? Supper, I am getting old............
Monday, November 8, 2010 6 comments

The 49 Hour Weekend

What did you do with your extra hour??????

Okay, I've dug out all of my winter running gear. In the process of doing that, I found a boatload of shorts that haven't seen the light of day in years!!!!

Boy, I sure did like those red, whit and blue flag shorts!!!!!

Back in the day, running shorts were short and the split on the sides made you look faster than you were actually going. The more skin you showed the better.............

As always, there were T-shirts that needed to be discarded and a stroll down memory lane with each one....

I miss getting a cotton T-shirt that had a cool design on it.

I know that everyone watched the NYC Marathon, was it me or was the coverage lacking in human interest stories????

How did Jared from Subway do???? I did see the Chilean miner but that was about it.

I got drafted to be the Volunteer Coordinator for our local New Year's Eve Race. Now I have to think of some creative ways to bribe volunteers.

What would you do for a Klondike Bar BEvERage???????

Is everyone still on course to log 1000 miles or more this year?????

I am so ready to get home and run..................

Friday, November 5, 2010 3 comments


I'm a big T-shirt reader, be it at a race or in the gym. I've probably been accused of staring at woman's baby-feeders on more than one occasion. Most of this stems from the years when race T-shirts were creative and unique. I would on occassion wear an out of town race shirt to impress my fellow racers. Yeah, I'm a race T-shirt snob.

I know that most of you are probably as surprised as I am but this is the eleventh month of 2010! I know, we either skipped a couple or somebody slipped something in our BEvERages.......

We expected to have temps in the teens for both weekend mornings, so I have to go drag out my winter running gear! The only good thing about winter running is running behind women!!!!! Do women do the same thing????

When do you get rid of some of your running gear? Will you run in something with a rip or tear?

Why aren't there any jokes about runners???? Do we take ourselves too seriously???

Just heard that the NYC Marathon Expo has over 45,000 people attending and they had to let people in in 'waves'........

R.I.P. Sparky Anderson and thanks for the memories.........
Thursday, November 4, 2010 4 comments

Three Things Thursday

1) Just found out that we're going 'green' at work and will start recycling everything! We will be eliminating trash cans and have designated bins for food waste. Less stuff in the landfills.........

2) My Spring 2011 TNT is starting to fill and it looks like I'll have my work cut out for me. You know when a perseon says they're active 1 or 2 days a week, that really means zero days! I'll have to put on my Jillian Micheal's cap! Or should I be Bob???????????

3) Speaking of Biggest Loser, I finally viewed all of the past weeks and I am current! Is it me or does this season's participants lack the personalities of previous years? These guys aren't even losing the weight like previous seasons.

Okay the NYC marathon is this weekend and the hype for an American winner is lacking. I guess I should have thrown my hat into the ring when Ryan dropped out......
Wednesday, November 3, 2010 3 comments

Wednesday's Why??????????

Why wouldn't you workout now???????

Researchers have found out that people that exercise five or more times a week get fewer and less severe colds than those who work out only one or fewer times!!!!

So when you need a little extra motivation to get your workout in, remember that cold that you're avoiding.
Tuesday, November 2, 2010 5 comments

Tuesday's Random Thoughts

I just checked some of my post from a year ago and it must be eating like crap season for me. Granted those 'Fun Size' Snickers add up but what can three or six do????

This is also a time that everyone and their mother considers the 'off-season'. You've run your 4,384 miles and completed your 'A' race for the year. Now we hit the gym and begin to flex our muscles. Are you starting p90X or joining that Cross-Fit gym?

I'm getting excited about my upcoming Team in training season. I had my first informational meeting and we had a great turnout! People are ready to kick Cancer's ASS!!!

How can I have 16 days worth of music on my iPod and keep playing the same six songs????

October was my lowest mileage month of the year!!!!! WTF?????

I'm involved in our local Turkey Trot and our New Year's Eve races..... Seemed like a good idea at the time....

The San Francisco Giants are Major League Baseball Champions.... I was wearing my 2002 hoodie the entire series.....
Monday, November 1, 2010 4 comments

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the time......

Why would I race my nephew around a city block with my docksiders and jeans???????

Why would I wake up at the butt-crack of dark to drive 90 miles to direct traffic and park cars???????

Why would I run with a throbbing knee(from nephew racing) until I got in my minimum mileage??????

Why would I agree to go into work earlier than normal????????????

Anyway here are a few pictures from the charity race. The Running Redhead made an appearances with her posse also but I was working hard when they drove by.

I froze my ass off directing traffic, when did Winter start? As most if you mentioned, it was for a great cause and I'd do it again.....

The woman in the Wheelchair is the recipient of all this love from the running community.

There were over 3500 participants for this one-time events to assist the Hensleys purchase a wheelchair assesible van.

This was also the first time all of the running specialty stores collaborated on one event!

Lastly, Sunday was a good sports day also. The San Fran Giants are one win from taking the World Series and the Green Bay Packers shutout teh Jets!
Friday, October 29, 2010 7 comments


The best way is to just blurt it out...........

"I ran on a treadmill", there I said it!

Boy do I feel better. This is just between you and I. I haven't told anyone locally about it, for fear of ridicule....

The skies have been gray and the winds have been brutal, this combined with my lack of motivation were a recipe for staying inside.

Boy, I didn't realize how hard it is to run on those contraptions!

I almost fell about twenty times and I was only on it for fifteen minutes.

So don't think any less of me for this indiscretion but I did 'run'...........

Okay, everyone have a great weekend and run like you stole it!
Thursday, October 28, 2010 7 comments

Three Things Thursday...........

1) This has been a strange week in terms of running and blogging. I just haven't been motivated to do either. All I want to do is eat and sleep, no I am not pregnant! I attribute the change in seasons, this is when my S.A.D.(Seasonal Affective Disorder) kicks in............

2) I start back on the Team in training Informational meetings next week. Bring on the new meat!

3) Sunday I'll be waking up at the butt-crack of dawn to volunteer again but for a worthy cause. I'll be parking vehicles in Hell, literally............Here's what will be happening in our neck of the woods:

    If you have been a runner in Michigan for the last several years then you undoubtedly know or have seen Dolores and Harrison Hensley. They put on the Run Thru Hell Race for many years which was a quality event that thousand of runners competed in. They would also travel to races every weekend and even go to mid week races. Dolores would help with registration and work the finish chute and Harrison would take with him entry forms from hundreds of races so runners could look through them and take the forms home. They were very active and important people in the Michigan running community. This all came to end in November of 2008 when Dolores suffered a stroke. Now these once active and vibrant people are confined to their house. They miss seeing all the runners every weekend and we miss
    seeing their smiles and all the help they brought to the race.

    This race is for them. This is a one time race that will not be held again. The
    entire entry fee will go to the purchase of a wheelchair assessable minivan
    so Dolores and Harrison can once again go to the races.