Saturday, February 28, 2009

Old Man Winter Wins

Or should I say WTF? We were greeted with a beautiful sunny morning for out TNT group training run. Within the first half mile everyone was bitching about the wind chill and the facial pain it was causing!

How could I put a good spin on this situation? I did mention that everyone would have those rosy cheeks that we all admire!

For some strange reason that didn’t work. Wind burn has a way of taking away your sense of humor….

The park that we run in is absolutely beautiful because of the lake that we run around and the surrounding foliage, but not today. As we ran pass the lake almost everyone was holding their hands to their face to protect it from the wind. Of course I wanted to scream like a little girl but being the coach, I just cried within.

We eventually did find tree cover to block some of the wind but it was still cold.

Other than inhumane running conditions, the team did a fantastic job of completing their assign mileage. These people are amazing!

I sometimes feel bad for driving the course in my car(to ensure the safety of everyone) but I get over that pretty quick.

I continually tell them that it will get warmer and the running will get easier in the warmer temps, but they aren’t buying that anymore!

So, I am waving the white flag of surrender to Old man Winter. I put up a valiant fight but to no avail. I have been beaten both mentally and today physically by a better opponent.

I’ll give you your props Old Man………..


fiaschetti said...

wow. i feel bad for not showing, but also feel ok for having good judgment. i just did not trust the soas in that cold. went to LTF to bike the equivalent amount of time. hope that helped me some.

Carly said...

I am LOL at the inhumane running conditions. I feel your pain. I just came back from a chilly winding run myself. Surprisingly the cold didn't bother me as much as the snow covered sidewalks.

Melanie said...

i opted for the treadmill today, meeting my group tomorrow morning... hoping it won't be as inhumane as your run today :$

Anne said...

They'll soon forget the sting of winter when inhaling the smell of success.

Kim said...

I can't believe the crap you guys have had this winter.
Tomorrow is March. Things are looking up!
Kudos to your team.

Marci said...

I think I will think of "rosy cheeks" tomorrow when I am freezing my butt off at the Chilly Half (-20C). I don't think you should feel guilty at all for riding along to support the runners. Donating your time is a huge deal, especially with the pace of life these days. Stay warm!

Sonia said...

hahahaha you're driving in your car behing them? LOL

I'm glad I'm missing the real winter over there, but we're hit pretty hard here too!

Running Around Acres said...

It is a bitch being warm when your crew is battling it out against a stiff breeze. Down here we bribe with chocolate milk and donuts.

L*I*S*A said...

I'm a wimp. I haven't run outside all winter long. Oh well...I'm waiting for spring. :)

Lily on the Road said...

I feel your pain, I bailed on my group last night...-20C without the windchill...I'm really starting to hate this winter....