Wednesday, September 30, 2009 5 comments

Wednesday's WTF????

Okay, when did we get so busy that I couldn't click to open an email????? WTF

I 've finally been introduced to eom (end of message)......

So now I'm getting email messages with just a subject line with eom after the subject.

Don't these people know that I still open the email????

So if you want to mess with some of your friends or co-workers, send them a message with eom.....
Tuesday, September 29, 2009 5 comments

Good Fences make Good Neighbors

Cubicle walls make Healthy employees too. Mr. Frost could have been referring to my new work environment also. I am currently battling the onset of the 'office' cold.

How can you stay in a room of eleven people and not get some sort of contaminate?????

Oh, my new idol Jeff completed his 100 mile act of stupidity in just over 27 hours! I wonder if his employer realizes how stupid this guy really is??????

Did I mention that I battling a cold and I never get sick? No, I'm kidding about the never getting sick part but I'm sure we all know someone that wears that like a badge of honor????

Back to Jeff, it was awesome/eerie/stupid/awesome to see these individual traverse through the trails for a belt buckle. That's right, a belt buckle....

Not the entire belt, just the buckle. You have to supply your own belt.

Back to my cold, since it is my blog about running! Why do I need three forms of identification to purchase over-the-counter cold medications????

I know why but it still bothers me.

Lastly, I go away from my PC for as weekend and you guys have a Blog-athon! So now I'll be reading and commenting on your post under the influence of my OTC drug score......
Friday, September 25, 2009 5 comments

T.G.I. 100????

This weekend I'm crewing for one of my friends as he run the Woodstock 100 Miler.

The only reason that I'm doing it is there is suppose to be drugs, sex and Rock n Roll.....

Okay one out of three and that will probably be Ibuprofen.......

I never done this, so I'm assuming that I'm there for my good looks and charm. Hey, after 50 plus miles, everyone has to look good....

Of course rain is predicted for the entire weekend, which should make for some really fast times (sliding down the mud paths).

But this got me to thinking, what would you do for a Klondike Bar?????????

Have a great weekend peeps and if you're doing a 20 miler, think about my friend Jeff who ahas 80 more after that!
Wednesday, September 23, 2009 8 comments


It's been a little tough making adjustments to a new work location, as well as a new gym.

My whole routine has been thrown for a loop and I'm not handling it to well at times. Okay, no one wants to see a nude senior citizen and I had forgotten about things like that.

But now, I'm getting peeved about several small things:

  • Why can't the guys I work with hit the urinal that is stationary on the wall? This thing isn't moving(although that would be a cool game), so why am I squatting like a Sumo wrestler to avoid standing in their waste?
  • Why does an Office Manager have to send out an email about courtesy flushes???? Ewwwwwwww
  • Stop eating everything out of the vending machine, just because it's free.
  • Where's the damn heat in this building???
  • H1N1, here I come (thanks next desk neighbor)
Okay, time to go up to the track and get pissed about something up there.


Bad Attitude
Tuesday, September 22, 2009 5 comments

Wednesday's Why?????

This Wednesday's Why can wait because since I've changed my fitness facilities I'm noticing a pattern.

Why do old men like to walk around the locker room in the nude????????

I don't get it?
Thursday, September 17, 2009 7 comments


How could I get blisters from doing a Zumba dance/exercise class?????

Because I was wearing a pair of running shoes, which are made for running! I surprised everyone and actually joined in on the dancing fun of the class. I was sweating after only three songs....

Running sucks!

It was a combination of several dance styles that required non-skid footwear. I had to ice my knee afterward from all of the sudden stopping movements.

It did feel good to get my Fred Astaire on though.

I've noticed a pattern in Blogland lately. All of the people that are running really good and having no problems with their training, post about it on a regular basis. Stuff like interval splits and lunchtime runs or swims. They even post what they eat before a great run or what their recovery eating habits are.
Running sucks!

Then there are the others that are injured and can't participate in the sport that the love. So we blog about any and everything under the sun, other than our running.
Running sucks

Hence, my post about Zumba class and the fact that I'll be leaving my exercise nirvana in two more days.

Who said change was good???????????

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 6 comments

Wednesday's Wisdom

After watching the first fifteen minutes of Season 8 of the Biggest Losers, these people have lost their minds!

Who, in their right minds have 16 obese individuals run a competitive one mile race?

The producers are raising the bar each season but this was like watching a car wreck!

Don't get me wrong, I love the show and will continue to watch it but this made me squirm.

Even when we have our first group training run for TNT, we monitor each individual for physical signs that they may be in trouble.

Okay, I got that off my chest and now who will win this season????
Tuesday, September 15, 2009 6 comments

Is Happiness Contagious???

I came across an article with this title and it got me to thinking about it.

There's the commercial where a random act of kindness is carried forward from person to person and it eventually makes it way back to the originator.

I think that healthiness is contagious also. Each of us has probably inspired or motivated someone to lead a healthier life. At least I hope we have.

In three more days, I'll be leaving my Wellness family that I've run, spun and lifted with over the past six years. I'm sure that everyone will continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle going forward but it's going to be different for me as well as the group that I leave behind.

I made it a point to be extra obnoxious today in spinning class, yelling how tired I was even during the warm-up.

I'm going to make a point of attending classes that I would never be seen in these next days. I just hope I don't hurt myself in Zumba class on Thursday!

Should I bring anything extra to a Pilates class?

I'm sure that with Facebook and local races that I'll see some of my former co-workers down the road and we'll share a conatgious smile or maybe even a BEvERage.............

Give someone your smile today! :-)
Monday, September 14, 2009 8 comments


I'm not sure but I don't seem to be getting better with R.I.C.E. (Running In Compression shorts Everyday)!

I have been icing my hamstring and the discomfort almost got me to turn around and call it quits!

After 256 days, I was so close to saying 'the hell with it'........

But I didn't, I just found my marathon shuffle and tried to run not using my legs. I know it sounds funny but I would try anything to get me through that damn mile!

I'm sure that people that saw me made comments about that old guy jogging................OUCH!

So my next approach will be to load up on Ibuprofen, who needs a liver anyway????????

Sunday was a Lions, Tigers and Bears oh

We took in a Tiger game and brought them good luck to end a five-game losing streak. This was followed by listening to the Lions barely lose to New Orleans Saints, so it wasn't a nail-biter.

Not having enough football this weekend, I got a chance to see my Green Bay Packers defect the Chicago Bears. I paid for that when the alarm went off this morning.......

So football is in the air which also means Fall marathons. Everyone should be geared up for some 20 milers in the upcoming weeks. I just want to run.........

Okay, time to pop another pill.............
Saturday, September 12, 2009 4 comments

Where is the Rain?????

I've had two consecutive crappy runs because of my hamstring that the quack chiropractor stretched too far!

The weather has been absolutely perfect for running long miles, which is why I want it to rain. If I can't run why waste this great weather on everyone else???

Yeah, I was the kid that took his ball with him when I lost...............

If it rained with a strong wind, I wouldn't feel so bad about not running.......

Sandy is off running 'Dances with Dirt', a 100K relay in Hell, Michigan. I used to be on the team but must have not go tthe memo about this year.....

A co-worker is in Chicago running the half-marathon this weekend and still other friends are doing the 1/2 Ironman in Wisconsin.

I'm not jealous or anything, I hope they break a leg. Oh wait, that's for show business.....

Did I mention that I was able to get a lot of stuff done around the house, boy does that grass look good now that it's cut!!!!!

Okay, let me go finish sorting those socks.........
Friday, September 11, 2009 6 comments

Happy Patriot Day - Where Were You?

They say it's similar to when President Kennedy was assassinated, that you will always remember where you were when you heard the news.

I was at LifeTime Fitness finishing my workout and heading into the office when I first heard about the first plane crashing into one of the Twin Towers.

I can still remember the days that followed and seeing no planes in the sky, which was really freaking.

So where were you when you first heard the news????
Thursday, September 10, 2009 3 comments

Chiro-Quack Visit #2

So today was the second visit to the chiropractor and he seemed better prepared to contort me.

He said that I appeared to be much more loose in my hips and not as tight?

He proceeded to stretch out my hamstrings and I was a brave little soldier and didn't scream when he took my leg to places it should not have gone............. OUCH

I wanted to test out his skills, so I purposedly scheduled my run for lunchtime and I did feel loose before I started running. I also noticed that my hips were feeling funny from the adjustments.

Needless to say, my left hamstring started bothering me about a mile into the run(damn quack)! Okay, I went in with an issue with my piriformis and now I'm having problems with my hamstring?

Anyway, a funny side note to the run. It was a little warm out today and I like to take off as much as I can get away with. If you got it flaunt it.......

So as I'm crossing a street after waiting on a red light, a woman tells me she can see where my six-pack used to be! Can you believe that? I didn't even know this woman.

Fortunately, I know that she was kidding, really she was.............

So now I wondering, how many people have been injured by their chiropractor?????????
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 3 comments


So is anyone out there running nine miles today in honor of the date?

I visited my friendly neighborhood chiropractor yesterday to see if he had the magic bullet for what ails me.

He stretched, pushed, pulled and prodded for about fifteen minutes and I didn't hear one bone crack. We both came to the conclusion that I am extremely tight on my left side (duh)!

I know that some of you have had success with using chiropractors, so I'm not giving up on him yet.
I have another appointment with him on Thursday.

Day 252 was a lot easier, so onward to 365!
Tuesday, September 8, 2009 3 comments

It was UGLY!

Okay, I did something stoooooooooooo-pid and it wasn't pretty.

As I laid on the couch watching 'Running the Sahara' and enjoying my own pity party, I decided to attempt to get in one mile.

How do you justify limping to the car to drive to the track and run?

This stupid streak had all of a sudden consumed my running life. How was I ever going to recover from any injury if I continued to run?

Everyone knows that your body needs time to heal!

So why was I going to attempt it?

It just seemed like the right thing to do a the time, so call me stupid.

When I got to the track I told myself if it took longer than three minutes to run 400 I would stop or if the pain was so bad I couldn't run.

I shortened my stride to the point of almost running in place and must have looked like a real 'runner'! I even intentionally wore a cotton T-shirt and cargo shorts, in case someone might mistaken me for a runner.

There was some slight discomfort and I almost stopped a couple of times but I finished the first lap in 2:54! I could continue under the conditions that I promised myself and once I got to the 1/2 mile point, I knew I could get in one mile.

One mile in 10:42 , it wasn't pretty but it was one mile.

I followed that with another one mile on the track on Labor Day and my knee is actually getting better. I think it was a muscle strain that ice and ibuprofen help with the pain.

So when people ask me if I limping, I just say 'no' this is my cool walk!!!!
Sunday, September 6, 2009 6 comments

Is this the End????

Yesterday while having an easy morning run, I encountered some severe pain behind my left knee!

I stopped and tried to bend/stretch it out, but that wasn't working. I decided to head back home and was only able to hobble back because of the pain.

I began ice treatment along with ibuprofen in an effort to catch whatever this was.

I spent the entire day limping around the house.

The funny thing is this is my 'good' knee, not the one that has been scoped!

Last night was a series of waking up to pain every time I tried to shift my leg while sleeping. I must have awakened at least ten times.

Needless to say, I wasn't able to run this morning because of the stiffness and pain. I'm still using ice and heat on the area, hoping that I will at least be able to walk without a limp!

To top it off, the weather is absolutely gorgeous and I can't do anything!

So, the streak is in jeopardy of coming to an end, unless things get better fast or I can sneak out of the house without Sandy knowing and do four laps around the track.....
Friday, September 4, 2009 7 comments

What do you think?

Okay, I've been nursing this piriformis thang for two months now. It is showing some progress but two months is a long time.

I've seen my monthly mileage drop considerably, which isn't a concern but I'm getting antsy.

One of my running co-workers suggested going to a chiropractor for an adjustment and to possibly to loosen the hamstring area.

So my question to you, have you gone to a chiropractor for running ailments?

Have you taken the deep tissue massage route? What about a witch doctor?

Okay folks have a great weekend.......
Thursday, September 3, 2009 3 comments


That's right to is my Friday! A four day weekend, with almost perfect weather predicted for the high-five state.

My department will be relocating in a couple of weeks, so I need to find a new gym. I have been spoiled having facilities right in the building, so I never had an excuse about getting in some exercise.

So my choices are the mega gym(Lifetime Fitness), the old franchise(Ballys), the strip mall contender (24 hour fitness) or the city community center....

I've been a member of Lifetime and Ballys, so I know what they're about and how much it will cost. So my plan is to get guest passes for each and take them for a test drive when we move. If I can get a week at each place, that should handle the first month for free.

My running shouldn't be affected, since there are sidewalks and residential areas to run in.

One funny thing about moving is now everyone and their mother is beginning to run at lunchtime. I'll lose some running friends in the process also.

Remember when we said it was a time for change back in November? Well I wasn't talking about this kind..

Oh well, I just cry in my BEvERage.....