Wednesday, September 29, 2010 6 comments

Wednesday's WHY???????????

It's the change of seasons here in the High-five state. We've just finished with summer and now it's the Cold & Flu season!!!!!!

Why do people come to work sick?????

I don't need any additional germs, I have enough for my body!

We have sufficient sick time to stay at home. Hey, you can even work from home, we have the technology.........

I ran in the rain yesterday because I'm a Bad-ass (stupid), so I'm expecting to come down with something soon...........
Monday, September 27, 2010 5 comments

100 is a Really BIG Number

I know that it's the decimal system to blame but we definitely get hung up on this number.

I'm still in training for the 100 push-up challenge, even though I'm happy doing 36!

This weekend I crewed for a friend(Al) as he attempted his first 100 mile ultra!!!!

Now, normally I wouldn't even think of being a part of something this crazy except he helped Sandy in training and pacing for her first 50 mile race.

Why can't they run these races in the city, where you can see people and buy stuff(BEvERages) while you waiting?

Why does an ultra have to be on a trail where a normally agile individual with grace and balance trips over rocks and tree roots just walking????

Anyway, this was going to be a long weekend for Al.......

The race started Friday afternoon and the weather was going to be almost perfect for them. The course was a 16.3 mile loop through the Pinckney Recreation area.

Having a wedding reception to attend I couldn't get out there until Saturday morning.

I heard that going from daylight to darkness was a little freaky for him but he managed to get through it okay. I guess the fact that you're running in the dark with only a headlamp and no other runner in sight can play tricks on the mind.

I thought seeing the 50 mile ultra runners was a horrible sight but the 100 mile ultra runners is beyond that. These people are truly crazy but determined.

I didn't see Al smile once during his last 30 plus miles and he is normally a very happy person.

It became harder to determine when Al would be making it to each checkpoint, since he was doing a lot more walking than running. He went from 15 minute/miles to real slow...........

Once again I acted as if I was the corner man for a boxer, placing the ice bag in places that only a friend would. Making sure that Al had fluids in his fluid vest, ensuring that he was taking in nutrients. All the things that a crew member should do.

It was getting to the point when he was just surviving this 100 mile ordeal. I think his goal time of 24 hours was being replaced with just finishing. I also think having so many friends and family helping may have put more pressure on him to complete this crazy journey that he started the previous day.

Long story short, 27 hours and 42 minutes, Al completed his 100 miles to the cheers and joy of his family and friends....

I can't say if he will attempt another 100 miler but he has convinced me to never attempt anything like that. Damn decimal system............
Friday, September 24, 2010 4 comments

Three Thing Thursday on Friday......

This is exactly how my week is going, I'm a day late for everything and too tired to play catch up!

1) I finally had a run where things seemed to click. I was feeling good and decided to stop while I was ahead. I use the analogy of golf, if you birdie the last hole you're excited about getting back on the course. If you double bogey the last hole, you're ready to sell your clubs!!!!

2) I am continuing with the strength training after work but it is taking up a lot of my value BEvERage drinking time!

3) We have a wedding reception tonight and Sandy has a 20 miler in the morning! Sucks being her........... I hope to sleep in.........

Have a great weekend of running and enjoying life..........
Wednesday, September 22, 2010 7 comments

Wednesday's What????

Because my running SUCKS big time, my question isn't running related.........

I'm sure that every area has a local fixture or something that makes is unique. In the Detroit area one of our favorites is the Coney dog!

With the season premiere of Detroit 1-8-7 last night(which I didn't see), one scene shows someone putting ketchup on a Coney dog!

No one puts ketchup on their Coney dog...................

What does your area have that makes it unique???????
Monday, September 20, 2010 5 comments

A Deal is a Deal.......

Day one of the deal between Wonky knee and me and so far each party has done what they promised...

I was sooooo tempted to go for a run at lunch but I knew that I would be running on a harder surface than I agreed to. So instead, I went to the gym and pumped some iron.......

At this rate I'll be ready to enter one of those Bodybuilding contest......(okay,maybe not).

But I was able to get in another short run after work on the track with no real issues. I say 'real' issues because I still feel some slight twinges.....

Do you have little kids in your neighborhood that see you running and wonder what you're doing????

Why is this adult running???? But these same kids think nothing of watching adults smoke and drink....

Okay, time to put some ice on Mr. Wonky knee and grab a BEvERage and a cigarette...........
Sunday, September 19, 2010 4 comments

Promises, promises, promises..........

Okay Wonky knee, let's make a deal.......

I promise to only go for a short distance, if you'll cooperate and not cause me any severe pain!

I promise to not be concerned with how fast I run as long as you do not cause me any pain!

I promise to run on the soft forgiving track when I run, if you don't hurt nay!

I promise to ice you on a regular basis after all of our runs, if you let me run!

I promise to stretch and strengthen my legs, to help when we run.........

So far both parties are keeping their ends of the deal. I was able to get in two short runs on the track with only twinges in my knee....

Even though we've been together for several years, I still don't trust Wonky knee. I'll keep you posted. Now time to see how those Packers are doing against Buffalo........

Go Packers.
Friday, September 17, 2010 8 comments

I Wish I Could Run Away................

Well since Wonky (word stealing from B.o.B.) knee has sidelined me, I decided to spend more time in the gym. You know, pump some iron and look at myself in the mirrors.......

I was really surprised at all of the strength that I've lost from not making it a regular thing.

The old Blue hairs were pushing more poundage around than me!!!!

So, as always I decided that I'm going to make it a priority to get back into the gym (how many times have I said that?) This goes along with getting on the bike trainer in the basement.

But being at the Community Center did bring up a few thoughts and concerns..... Inquiring minds want to know????

Why is there always one old naked guy that sits on the locker room bench butt ass naked????

Is this just a gender thing????

At what age is it acceptable to wear sweatpants out in public and not be going to the gym or gas station?????

Why do really old people want you to know how old they are, is this the state fair????

Okay, now I want each of you to go out and have a fantastic weekend. I'll be testing out the knee.....
Thursday, September 16, 2010 6 comments

Three Thing Thursday

1) Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (Runner's Knee) - That's my diagnoses of the Wonky knee pain that I've encountered the last two runs. I checked my training calendar and knew better than to skip my rest days. Why am I so dumb????? Don't answer that.

2) Flu shot - Yay or Nay? I've never gotten one but I encountered a lot of sick folks last year!

3) I'm starting to think about my winter running apparel, I know it's early but I want to be ready. I think I need some new tights, so I'm thinking of the CW-X. Any thoughts???????
Wednesday, September 15, 2010 5 comments

Wednesday's Why

Is it just me of does everyone have co-workers that think everything running related I know?

Okay here are the top questions I've heard a Brazilian times...........

How many miles is a marathon?
Do you run every day?
How fast can you run?
Did you win the race?
That's a big-ass watch(Garmin), what does it do?
My cousins runs, do you know him?
Do you run in the winter?
Isn't breathing cold air bad for you?

What questions do you get????
Tuesday, September 14, 2010 6 comments

Crap, Crap, Crap

WTF! How the hell can I take a day off from running and then got out for a completely craptastic run this morning??????

The weather condotions were perfect for running , nice and crisp with the sun just coming up over the horizon.......

I turn on the Garmin and 'Locating Satellites' status bar just keeps going......

Okay, no big deal I'll just hit start and it will pick up a signal........

One mile later, no satellites????? That's okay, I'll go old school and just run.......

Remember that gorgeous sunrise???? Well now it's blinding me, where are my sunglasses or visor????

Oh that's right it was dark when I started..... f#$k

Hey is that a twinge in my knee????

Nah, let's keep going.......... we had an off day remember???

Ouch, that's not a twinge anymore. It's starting to hurt, we had better stop!!!!!

Wow, we finally got a signal on the Garmin.......

Okay, we'll walk and see if the pain goes away(I play a doctor on the radio)...........

Let's start running again............. ouch. How far did we make it that time????? Remember I have a signal, Yay!

Okay, so I can run for 200m before the pain starts... let's do the math....

Crap, crap, crap...........
Monday, September 13, 2010 5 comments

You Deserve a Break Today

A day off from running! I know that Jess is on the verge of completing 100 consecutive days of running but I look forward to my days off.

Of course the day I decide to take off is absolutely gorgeous weather-wise for running.

I was sooooooo tempted to get in a few miles but I remember the promise I made to myself.

Remember, I'm glad to be able to run.....

I had a situation during yesterday's run that hasn't happened often to me. I was taking part in a group training run, when out of the blue I began having GI issues! WTF, I had already taken care of that???????

It was one of those moments when each running step was a crap shoot. Would I be able to make it to a restroom or not????

I was four miles from the car on Sunday morning!

Hey, there's a church, do you think they'll mind a sweaty runners coming inside to take a dump??? W.W.J.D.

Fortunately there was a gas station across the street that I remembered let us use their facillities before. Gingerly walking, I was able to ensure that this wasn't an embarrassing moment for me! Whew.......

So, what has been your embarrassing running moment??????
Saturday, September 11, 2010 1 comments

I *Heart* Running........

Don't ask me why but for some reason during today's run, I thought about my injuries from previous years and the fact that I was running without pain........

Last year when I tried to streak through the entire year, I would run and have pain from the first step I took.

I can also remember limping from speed work sessions thinking it was only a temporary setback!

So when you have a bad training session of race, just think about the fact that you're running.......

Is that Joe Montana's son playing for Notre Dame??????

Damn I'm getting old.
Friday, September 10, 2010 2 comments


Thank God for ironman Finishers this weekend in Wisconsin.

I personally think that they're crazy but that's what makes the world go round.....

I have a couple of co-workers doing their first and several from the Team in Training tri group doing it!

What would you do if you logged 19.99 miles according to your Garmin?

Would you go out and get that .01, which we know is impossible or just live with it?

Typically we are so anal when it comes to numbers that I laughed when I saw that number. It's not a weekly total but it does make me want to 'round up'...............

This weekend plans are pretty simple, run and enjoy a few BEvERages...........

Dig you on the flip side.

Thursday, September 9, 2010 3 comments

Three Thing Thursday

1) how can you go from having a great run and feeling like you can go forever to just stopping in your tracks? That happened to me on my run this morning. I was two miles into the run when my brain just seemed to shutdown and tell my body it was tired......WTF???????

2) Is it okay to 'bandit' a race if you also volunteer for the same race? We're having a point-to-point 1/2 Mary and I plan on volunteering and also running in a few friends. I'm not sure how I plan on doing it but that's the plan.

3) Wear some ID at 'all' times when you're out there training.

Happy Friday Eve............
Wednesday, September 8, 2010 5 comments

Wednesday's Why????

I've had a few training partners throughout my running years and I can't for the life of me figure out why they stop running completely!

Most of the time injuries tend to slow us down or keep us from hitting the pavement for a few weeks or months but to stop completely......

So my question to you is do you know anyone that has stopped and what was their reason???

Why did they stop running and can you see yourself not running???

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 7 comments

Is it Just Me??????

I've posted about the issues of Runner's World that make me want to end my subscription.

You know the annual 'how to run in the heat' or ' handling the rigors of winter running'....

Well these last two issues have really made me question my loyalty to the magazine.

Remember since this is my blog, my opinion is the last word so no inflammatory comments.....

Okay, here are the articles that did absolutely nothing for me:
  • Trail running..................... After watching Sandy run 50 miles in it, no thank you!
  • Trail running gear... nuff said.
  • My dog is dead and I never ran with him. He was a terrible running companion.
  • A Fall show review, I bet there are some trail shoes in there.
  • Running while pregnant??? it ain't happening.
  • Pregnant running gear???
  • Coming back from a pregnancy and running.
  • The runner's palette? I thrive on Chips and BEvERages......
  • Rave runs.... I love seeing the winding asphalt and traffic signals on my routes.
I should have a subscriber's profile on their database that excludes all of the articles that I deem not worth sending to me and replaced with stuff like 'How to finish a training run with a hang-over' or 'Can you really lie about your age on the race app'.........

I'll continue subscribing to the magazine(since I'm on auto-renewal) and read the articles that peak my interest as always, I just wanted to get that off my chest.

Now that summer is unofficially over, I'll start to think about the cold winter months ahead of us and the new TNT training seasons upcoming.

Have you ever had a person at work that never speaks to you and one day is you BFF??? I had that happen today and it's freaking me out. This guy and I never talk and today I have to hide from him.....

Sunday, September 5, 2010 2 comments

Funday Run

Well after spending a large portion of the evening with friends, food and BEvERages, I knew this mornings run would be slow!

Sandy and I took off to get in a five mile jog and I was sweating out the toxins early.... Why do I do it to myself????

But the knee held up pretty good and we even ran negative splits into the wind.

I'm looking forward to having the Community Center open again and getting back to a regular schedule for my runs and workouts.....

Keep having fun this holiday weekend.....

Saturday, September 4, 2010 2 comments

Yes I was Laboring.

Note to self, "never post about running without pain"....... ever again!!!!

The weather here turned on a dime to temps in the low fifties and wind gust up to 20 mph, so this was definitely going to be a fun run day!

I started running with a few of the TNT runners, only to have my stupid knee decided it wasn't getting enough attention in my blog, so it decided to make itself known to me about mile three!

So, needless to say I cut my run short and came home to show my knee some 'love'.....

So going forward, I'll be posting about the body parts that make my running enjoyable and keep me moving forward.

I'm icing my knee as I write this post and I'll do fifteen minutes of stretching for my legs when that's done.

Hopefully the Blogging or Running gods will be satisfied.
Friday, September 3, 2010 1 comments


My run this morning was actually fun!

It wasn't particularly longer or faster than normal, it was just fun. I had a chance to run a little with the local high school cross-country team, as they were training.

I must have been looking really good as I glided pass them, because they were clapping and cheering. okay I made that part up.....

I may have found the secret for me to run better, and it's sleep! That's right, the very thing that each of us does on a regular basis. I've noticed that the mornings that I get more than 7 hours of sleep, my subsequent runs are decent.

So going forward, I'll be logging the amount of sleep that i get on a regular basis. I wonder if I can get the government to fund this research study?

The weekend plans are TNT centric. We have a BBQ at an alumni house on Saturday, after the group training run. Sunday is a wedding for two alumni(no they didn't meet each other through TNT). Monday will be the unofficail end of summer 2010.

Okay, I hope everyone has a safe and fun filled weekend.

Thursday, September 2, 2010 6 comments

Three Things Thursday

1) T.G.I.V.F. - This is my virtual Friday, since I making it a really long weekend. I plan on sleeping in as much as possible and take in all of the remaining summer.

2) The Community Center has been closed all week(no blue hairs to ogle), so I've had to spend my lunchtime at my desk working diligently(in case my boss reads this). Well this has caused my running schedule to really get jacked up. We've been hit with another heatwave(thank you global warming), so running in the evening is just stooooooopid. So I had to pull a Marlene and run in the early morning darkness! This is a whole different world for this guy..... My mind was going in 4,584 different directions, from packs of wild stray dogs attacking me to deranged serial killers stalking me. How do people run in the dark???????

3) I can honestly say that it is very enjoyable to run without pain(knock on wood) and look forward to running. I'm still hestitant to go long and fast but that day will come also.

Okay, everyone get out on the road or trail and kick some ass...................

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 5 comments

Wednesday's Why???????

My Tuesday running club held our annual 8K race on the beautiful island of Belle yesterday evening. It was hot as H E double hockey sticks!!!

So my question is why do so many of us get so nervous before a race?

With all of the training that each of us does, we know that we're going to survive whatever the distance is, in one piece!

I've never been the overall winner of any event and probably never will..............

So why do we have performance anxiety????

LOL, I just read that last sentence!