Wednesday, August 31, 2011 4 comments

Wednesday's Why???????????

Here we go again.......

Why is it I can use a Porta-Potty in mid-August with temps in the nineties and not have a second thought but cringe when I use a public restroom?

Why is two miles so much longer on the track than just running in the streets?

Why did my Tuesday evening Running club only have one keg for our annual 8k race last night? We ran out of BEvERages before the last walkers finished.

Okay, tonight is track time............

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 4 comments

Tuesday's Thoughts

Okay, more stuff that is Running through my mind!

Are runners the only people that take photos of their shoes to share with others???? If I have a pair of Brooks Trance, do I need to take a photo????

Were there any Girl fights on the Nuun Female Bloggers relay teams??????? LOL

Is Oprah still running?

August was one of the lowest mileage months of my running life??

Is my job hurting my running???

Will I be still running at the age of 85????

Am I the only one thinking about 2012 already?

Who is going to be my High-maintenance TNT participant and what is their story going to be???

Okay, time to hit the gym and get my run on!

Friday, August 26, 2011 5 comments


Okay just more random crap running through my head, so I am officially posting about running!

So we all know how cool we are and it shows in our running. Well what about the rest of our life???

Since I try to get to the gym at lunch, I have to bring my lunch in one of those dorky personal cooler type bags. I might as well have on glasses with the tape on the side when I walk into my office.

Can't they make a cooler looking cooler?

Because I spend all of my disposable income on running stuff, my work/nightlife attire tends to suffer. Who knew casual shorts were suppose to be long? So Tom Selleck Hawaiian shirts are out of vogue???

Why don't people walk around smiling more? Just the simple fact that they're walking should be enough!

At what age did we stop dancing to the music in our cars????

If it's called 'Pop' culture, why can't this Dad keep up?????

When did women start holding the doors for me????? WTF!

Okay everyone in Louisville or wearing Hoodies to the Coast or just limping around NYC(Red), have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011 5 comments

Three Thing Thursday

Okay, I'm almost out of my running funk. These pills are really helping.............

1) The Crim - This will be the second consecutive year of missing one of my fav races. It's billed as the Crim Festival of races in Flint, Michigan but the biggie is the 10 mile race. I've always said that this is the perfect race distance. The math to figure out pace is easy and it's not metric. I'll be chasing a little round ball while people are sweating their asses off!

2) I am still loving the track for my runs after work. I haven't come close to being hit by a car while running on the track!

3) Minimalistic shoes are the bomb! I have fallen in love with my New Balance. My calves and right knee haven't but it feels good to hit the track with them.
Wednesday, August 24, 2011 3 comments

Wednesday's Why???????????

Why is it that I keep misplacing my running Mojo????

I think my running is ranking right up there with blogging about running and reading other running blogs.

I always knew I was a procrastinator but not about running!

I've gone golfing and hit the gym, just to avoid running.

I'm reading great post about the Nuun Women's team participating in the Hood to Coast relay and Detroit Runner Jeff testing out various running products.

I actually logged 8.45 miles last week, and I wasn't injured.......

I know that part of it is not participating in a race this year but still...................

Hey, it's Fantasy Football season almost.............. See something else to distract me from running...


Friday, August 19, 2011 7 comments

T.G.I.effin........... right.

Okay, today will be just random thoughts that run through my head. Sort of a brain dump to clear it for the weekend.

What if there were no ramifications to running over pedestrians with you vehicle?

Are we still pedestrians when we run?

Why is it a race bib when we wear it around our waist?

Remember when chocolate milk was bad for you?

Why don't they give out slices of bread as a post-race treat?

Why do most runners hate to walk?

If I moved to the West side would I have to change the name of my Blog?

Have a great weekend and remember, it's not how fast you go but how good you look!

Thursday, August 18, 2011 5 comments


Work is........

1) Kicking

2) my

3) ASS
Tuesday, August 16, 2011 4 comments

Tuesday's Thoughts

So remember that idea you had when you and your buddies were sitting around drinking?
Yeah, the one about setting up an obstacle course with mud, fire, climbing and jumping. There would even be BEvERages at the end so you could brag about how good you did.

How can I hurt my knee playing golf???? WTF

Do you enjoy your rest days as much as I do? Almost to the point of making two consecutive rest days???? Okay, maybe not in a row.................... damnit

Who ordered this cooler weather, I'm not ready for it??????

My blister came from those stupid minimalistic New Balance shoes and running san socks! Just kidding, I love those things........

How exciting would a Reality show about a runner training for a marathon be? That's what I thought too, maybe have celebrities dance and get graded? Nah, they both sounds lame...........

Sunday, August 14, 2011 7 comments

Weekend Recap......

Damn I hate these weekend recaps, they only remind me that it's time to get back to the work grind!

I had a Craptastic run on Saturday! It started with me sleeping in because I deserve it. I'll be back out with the team before I know it, so every Saturday of extra sleep is like gold.....

So when you sleep in, you have to pay to the weather piper. It wasn't hot but it was warm and humid.

I started off and knew that something was wrong from the beginning. I always know those first 10 minutes for me are the toughest. I can talk my self out of or into a workout in 10 minutes.

Well I kept going, knowing it was going to get better.

It didn't get better, I just had to bite the bullet and keep going.

If anything could go wrong it did.
  • My water belt started chafing my waist
  • I started developing a blister on my left foot
  • I was running in quicksand
  • I was actually finding loose change on the road, which meant stopping/starting
  • Vultures started circling above me
  • Walkers were passing me
It got so bad, I was wishing one of my neighbors would drive by and save me.

Thankfully Sunday was the total opposite, I was able to redeem myself and get in a quality run while the rain drizzled upon the road.

Hope everyone had one crappy run this weekend too!

Oh, come on misery loves company.

Thursday, August 11, 2011 6 comments


1) Sandy and I went to run a really small race that benefits a local community college's track team. We've run it the last few years and enjoy doing a mid-week race. I always enjoy signing up as Brett Farve. Have you ever signed up as someone else or in an erroneous age group? The really funny part was I didn't cross the finish line so the race organizer was yelling out if anyone had seen Brett Farve........ Why didn't I use Ben Dover?????

2) I know a lot of women enjoy 'chicking' us guys at the finish lines of races and I can relate. At yesterday's race there were more teenaged kids than us old farts. So I had the opportunity to 'old fart' a few of them.

3) Why is it okay to fart when you're running with a group of friends but not to do it in a non-running public venue? Is it okay to fart in the restroom? Just asking...............

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 9 comments

Tuesday's Thoughts

Why attempting to play a round of golf with some buddies, I noticed something that might apply to quite a few of you 'runners' in Blogland.

I was the only person walking and carrying their clubs! Now I admit that I'm cheap and can't imagine paying to get in a motorized cart to chase a ball and I do own a pull cart. But for the life of me, I enjoy the walking and carrying the extra weight!

It really got me to think about my legs and other endeavors that I assume my legs should be able to carry me through.

I use the stairs instead of an elevator unless I'm going to the 111th floor of a building.

I ride my bike to the store, if the items can fir into my saddlebags.

I have a push mower to cut my lawn, although it is propelled.

The other part of this is the expectations that friends and family have of me now.

Do your non-running friends think you can run anywhere on earth and not need a vehicle????

Do they think all you do is exercise???

Do neighbor kids look at you strangely???????

Okay time to eat my granola and sit on my balance ball at my desk!!


Thursday, August 4, 2011 3 comments


1) I am in love with the track! With the heat wave that we have been going through, I am only 200 meters away from water at any time.... I know that it's not the same as running the trails or encountering new and scenic locales in your city but I am getting my run on and sweating like a pig!

2) I subscribe to a thousand running email newsletters that I scan and save for reading later in the day. Of course between Blogs and 'real' work, I never get to them but I refuse to unsubscribe for fear of missing out on something. Is that just a Ken thing??????

3) My job is making me fat! I am doing a ton more sitting at work and not getting up and about like a few months ago. As I've mentioned in a previous post the 'Liar' is displaying large numbers when I step on it and my pant's buttons are screaming for mercy. I'm attending a lot more meetings and getting stuck at my desk, so I need a change sooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 2 comments

Wednesday's Why???????????

Okay it was big news around the Mitten state that Kwame Kilpatrick was released from jail.

Upon his release he was given a bus toke(which he didn't need because a Cadillac Escalade was waiting for him) and two condoms.

Two condoms??????

It's normal protocol to give males condoms when they leave prison????? WTF??

Okay, yesterday was a track day and it occurred to me that we all need short-term memory lose to do it.

You know how you feel once you completed whatever the workout is, when you're out of breath and everything hurts?

Well, you have to forget all of that in your recovery and start all over again........

But on the other hand you need long-term memory to remember that you did that track workout when you're racing!

Oh the mind games we play....

Monday, August 1, 2011 5 comments

July Recap

July was HOT as HELL!

I'm actually enjoying the fact that I don't have any races on the calendar and I can just run for the enjoyment of running.

I stepped on the lying scale and was shocked at the number that appeared on the broken apparatus. I'm also wondering why my pants are getting tighter around the waist too!

July was always the month of prepping for a Fall marathon and ensuring that the body was ready before you dished out the money in August. It seems like a lot of folks just sign up and then figure out if they can handle the training.

July was also the month to really get acclimated to the heat so you could race in August and die!

I always remember co-workers asking if I had been on vacation from my running tan! Have you been asked that yet?

Okay August, I know the days are getting shorter and the 'Back to School' sales are around the corner.........