Thursday, December 22, 2011 4 comments


1) Happy

2) Holidays

3) Everyone

This week has been hectic and I've been exhausted but next week is a vacation week! Everyone is getting into the holiday spirit and so am I. What little gift-giving has been purchased and we are still having Spring-like temps here. No snow and it doesn't bother me at all!

So I hope everyone indulges in whatever makes them happy and I'm looking forward to 2012 being the year of the Cheetah! Speed baby.......

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 5 comments

Tuesday's Thoughts

Wow, we haven't been hit with our normal December snow storm and it's almost Christmas! I can say this with confidence after seeing the extend forecast!

Is it just me or is anyone else wondering about this strange weather pattern??? It was in the 40s last night when I ran.....

I partayed with some old-time runners and they went down Memory Lane big time. They were throwing out names and race times from the past that were amazing. Back then if you didn't run a  sub-four hour marathon there might not be anyone at the finish line....

Have you ever trained for a half marathon but did full marathon mileage early on in the training cycle?

I'm still not sure what races I'll run in 2012. Should I base it on the race charity? Should I go with my traditional ones? Should I travel?

Took part in the 12K of Christmas on Sunday. Each kilometer we were suppose to eat and drink something in the Christmas theme. I just continued drinking the High Life to ensure everything stayed within me!

Who runs on Christmas morning?
Thursday, December 15, 2011 4 comments

Three Things Thursday

1) Why is when we get warmer temps anytime in the Winter it's accompanied with thousand mile an hour wind?

2) Have you got your latest issue of 'How to Make 2012 Your Year' magazine? How many of you will be making drastic changes in your training? How many of you will be coming back from injuries (Red) to make up for 2011?

3) Okay, I need to renew my subscription to Running Times, so I'll know how to run in the heat and what kind of bra I need......

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 0 comments

Wednesday's Why???

Why did they let the older Black lady back on the Biggest Loser Finale? I know that losing one pound is an accomplishment but it was obvious that she wasn't in the game from the beginning.

I understand the reason as to why they have the more mature contestants on the show but unless they can age-grade some of the challenges (which would lead to changing them for women too) it's always going to be tough on them.

I have had two consecutive runs where everything seemed to go right! So I am never running again!

I'm going out on top...........

Is it just me or is gravity making every one's numbers on the scale incorrect?

How can I hurt my knee sleeping? That's right, I just woke up this morning and started limping. Damn old body!

I don't see how anyone can live in Alaska this time of year, what do they get about 30 minutes of daylight?

I'm going crazy and it's not even December 21st yet! I guess I should break out the lamp to take care of my lack of sunshine.........

Monday, December 12, 2011 3 comments

Monday Moanin'

Never go drinking with a bunch of runners!

Oh my aching head..........

We had our annual Running Club Holiday Party on Saturday, I think I'm still suffering from the effects of it......

What a great group of people............

Okay, where is that aspirin???????????
Friday, December 9, 2011 4 comments


Okay, so all of you were laughing and making fun of me in regards to my obsession with killers while running in the dark.

Well last night proved all of you wrong!

No, I wasn't killed or even attacked. But I did encounter another person on the track in the dark (insert scary music)!!!!

Here I am running in my running vest with a headlamp and just looking the part of a runner, when all of a sudden I notice the silhouette of a person approaching the track!

I really couldn't make out if it was a male or female but I kept an eye of them. I didn't notice if they were carrying a knife or rope or any kind of weapon but they were on the track.

So as I got closer to this person, I noticed that they were wearing a hoodie and sweatpants. Who wears that crap to run/walk on the track at night in the cold? That's the normal attire for killers.....

As I passed them, I made sure that I was passing with a burst! Making sure that they would have to exert some energy to catch and kill me. It's amazing how nothing hurts or how much faster you can go when your life depends on it....

I'm sure that my speed and massive build gave him second thoughts about killing me!

So I survived another run in the dark.... but I'm sure I'll see that stranger again.


Thursday, December 8, 2011 6 comments

3 TT

1) When did the color of your running assemble have to match for a run? I'm seeing pictures of Tall Mom on the Run and others and we're talking fashion statements! I remember when I would get ready for a run using the smell test!

2) I'm getting my miles in in the dark but I'm not liking it! When do the days get longer???? Is it possible to get some Mole-like evolution thing by spending so much time in the dark?

3) I've noticed a really bad pattern in my winter running pants. They are all wearing out in the crotch! Is there some kind of patch I can iron-on to prevent the rush of cold air from entering my nether regions? Just asking you Marhta Stewart types..........

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 2 comments

Wednesday's Why????

Why did I drink that Chocolate milk after yesterday's workout? I'm lactose intolerant and my stomach was growling and churning the entire afternoon. I was a frequent visitor to the restroom. Stupid milk!

Did you happen to see the Biggest Loser marathon? Why do they have the older participants stay out there for over ten hours? The winner came in in just over five hours and the last person was ten hours!

Why do they make the women wear those corsets to look like they're really trim around the middle?

How could they age-grade the marathon to make it a little more competitive?

I ran with my Tuesday run/drink group and they kicked my ass! When did they get so fast? Don't answer that question......

Everyone is setting up their 2012 racing calendar, so why haven't I???????

My pants are getting tighter around the waist, why????????? Don't answer that.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011 4 comments

Tuesday's Thoughts........

Isn't it amazing the relationships you build or have built from running or just working out? I've read numerous post where bloggers are meeting up and forming lasting relationships. Could you imagine if a majority of the world were runners, what kind of planet this would be?

My niece is doing better but she will eventually need a heart transplant! (Sad face). I went to visit here and she was sleep with the entire room dark. I didn't stay, does that still count as  a visit?

Okay, I'm getting over the serial killer thing when I run at night but what about the roving pack of thrill seeker killers? That's what was going through my head as I ran around the track in the snow and wind last night! Damn I hate snow and wind.........

Green Bay Packer Stock Offering is only $250 per share and an additional $25 for shipping and handling! I missed out on the one in 1997 because I was cheap!

We're looking at temps in the twenties for the weekend, so I have to get really creative to get my team out on the road! Even Klondike bars don't work in the winter..........

Lastly, I had a post workout Chocolate Milk. It wasn't bad but it wasn't a BEvERage either.......

Core and strength!

Thursday, December 1, 2011 3 comments

Three Things Thursday

1) Okay, I've been tagged to do the 21 random things and the Versatile Blogger thingy. So now I have to actually think about what I'm going  to post! Damn you Marlene and Jeff!

2) It's funny to read about the folks in the Southern states starting their track work and gearing up for the race season.Here in the Mitten state we're in the process of hibernating and not seeing your neighbors for the next three months!

3)I ran circles in the dark this evening at the track. I saw a few folks walking and or course each one was a potential serial killer! Damn, I have to stop watching Dexter.........