Monday, February 28, 2011 8 comments

Monday Again???????

This was definitely a Team in Training weekend for me!

Not only did we have our weekly group training on Saturday but we did it again on Sunday!!!!

A lot of the team works on some Saturdays, so I go back out to be with them and encourage...

We all know how lonely it gets doing your long runs in February!

I also had two team fundraisers to attend, one was a Mardi Gras party..... I didn't even bring home any beads.....WTF???

I finally had a chance to briefly speak to Jeff(Detroit Runner) on Sunday morning. He was done and we were just starting(Remember Mardi Gras the night before)........

It was different running in the park at a different time of day! It was like being at another shift at work.

We also had another TNT event that didn't go as planned. Our tri team holds an annual Bikini Mile to raise funds but for some reason the local police decided to put the kabosh on it! They claim that the event needed a permit to run through their streets?????

Needless to say it was a disappointment but it happens.......

So remember next time you're running in a bikini to carry your running permit with you!

So we bid farewell to another month and get closer to long days ans warmer temps.

Stay thirsty my friends............
Friday, February 25, 2011 4 comments


I had a chance to go to my neighborhood gym during work hours today and the only people in there were old people, my age!

Do you look at people your age differently because of your workout habits???

More snow???? We are closing in on the most snow for February ever!

We merge the two TNT teams tomorrow morning! This is going to be like the Biggest Loser when the team met in the gym for the first time.

Now I have to split myself into four, we have people running four different distances and paces.

It's a good thing that I have a BIG personality and can project my voice.....

I love working with these folks.....

I'm still streaking and feeling really good, which means something is wrong!

Stay thirsty my friends...........
Thursday, February 24, 2011 8 comments

Three Things Thursday...........

1) Dean Karnazes is at it again. This time he is running across America with Regis and Kelly! Check it out:

2) Does Dunkin Donuts sponsor a race in your are? They advertise running with Dunkin but they aren't a sponsor for any races in the Detroit area. I think it's a perfect fit. Can you think of another company that isn't obvious but would be a great race sponsor?

3) I'm trying pumpkin seeds after my runs, since I crave the salt! Potato chips have been counter productive in terms of losing weight. Now I have to know when to stop eating them, it's addictive..........
Wednesday, February 23, 2011 10 comments

Wednesday's Why????

Why did they stop running??????

That's the question that I've asked myself several times about some of my old training partners.

I know that injuries are the cause for some of them but for others it's like they just stopped!

For the life of me I can't imagine not running. I know that when I'm 97, I'll probably have to stop but not until then.

I've talked to several people that have just stopped running for no apparent reason other than they stopped!

I know that I'm not running the same pace that I once did or there are no PRs in my near future, but I keep going.

For me it's like a bird not flying! How odd would that be to see a bird walking instead of flying????

I know a lot of you are still in the prime of your running career and can't imagine not running but some day it may happen. So cherish the moments that you're out there....

Stay thirsty my friends....
Tuesday, February 22, 2011 11 comments

Tuesday's Thoughts

Today's dreadmill was like an episode out of Seinfeld! Like most people, I always choose a machine that isn't right next to someone. It's just the social nature of runners, we know how far our sweat can go when we get started!

So there was one guy on a treadmill at one end and me on the other end.

All of a sudden my treadmill just stops! Cuts off, no power......WTF????

So I go to the one next to it and start running, belt slippage.........

I hate belt slippage, plus it dangerous!

Move to the next one, no power!

Okay, now I getting closer and closer to this guy and I'm beginning to worry....

I finally get a machine to actually power on and work, but of course it's right next to the lone running guy! In my mind I'm wondering if this guy thinks I'm trying to hit on him (George Canstanza).....

Do you have a favorite treadmill or are they all alike to you???

How do you handle the sweatastic T-shirt after a treadmill run? Do you change into a dry shirt to finish your workouts???

I so want to spit when I'm running indoors...............

Are you a Peeping Tom runner? Peeping over at the runner next to you????

Where the HELL is Spring??????????
Monday, February 21, 2011 8 comments

Yes it's Still February.....

We got dumped on yesterday and this morning....

I estimate at least a foot of the white stuff on the ground. Fortunately, this is a holiday from work and I got to spend it throwing snow.............

Am I the only one that uses a snow roof rake? I hate seeing those ice dams and icicles!

Sandy is still enjoying 80º temps in Florida visiting her father. Why didn't I go??????

I'm reading a lot of your blogs and it seems like the long runs during the winter are getting to a lot of you. I remember training for Spring marathons and it's tough, I'm constantly telling my team the same thing.

If it was easy, everybody would be doing it!
Sunday, February 20, 2011 8 comments

Will Wonder Never Cease??????

I still love the fact that runners talk about life when they're running and talk about running when they're not running.

I just found out that my new love(Garmin Foot pod) keeps track of my cadence!

That's right, I can track the number of foot strikes I take.

I am currently on the low-end(85 rpm) for most of my runs, so now I have something to work on.

Once again we had a great TNT training session for both season. It's still amazing to see the looks and expressions when people run further than they ever have!

We're going to get hit with some more white stuff, so it might be back to the dreadmill next week...... sad face!

February will be over in a few days, two months down already?

Stay thirsty my friends..............
Thursday, February 17, 2011 5 comments

Three Things Thursday

1) I ran outside in shorts yesterday evening!!!!! One of the TNT coaches has a hill training run for his Spring team and I ran with them to check it out. Turns out that they were running on part of the course for the hardest 10k in the world! I had flashbacks about running the race on the hottest day of summer. Oh and I got to use my headlamp.

2) Did that Boston announcement get enough conversations in the Blogsphere and other online areas? You would think that they raised the price of registration, which nobody ever seems to mention.

3) I purchased a pair of Brooks Adrenaline 11 and thought they were too snug. This lead me to finding a pari of my beloved Adrenaline 10 in my size, so I purchased them. So now I'm rotating three pairs of running shoes. Although the new pairs haven't been outside yet!
Wednesday, February 16, 2011 8 comments

WTF Wednesday

Where's That Five minutes?????????

That is the question that will be going through runners heads for the 2012 Boston Marathon.

The B.A.A. has lowered the qualifying times for all age groups by 300 seconds!

As a email that I just received said, You better start training harder!
Tuesday, February 15, 2011 12 comments

Tuesday's Thoughts

One thing that I've noticed in perusing the Blogsphere is that most of the women running bloggers have running partners. A large group of you even have packs that you run with. Now I belong to running groups that meet on a weekly basis to get in miles and socialize but it just seems that you women do it more often and on a more informal basis. Lastly, non of you are camera shy!!!!

I have been trying to get better in the kitchen and can actually cook some interesting and nutritional meals! Now don't get me wrong, I'm limited in the things that I've tried but I can say that I made a mean slow cooker chicken and dumplings the other day!

I received a watch for a service anniversary at work the other day. It's a pretty nice looking watch but I did have to put it in the drawer with my other two service watches.......

Is it just me or would some of you like to be on the Biggest Loser ranch for just one week?

Has anyone ever killed themselves on the television show 'Wipeout'? The things that they do are totally dangerous!

Did anyone see Watson on Jeopardy????

I have to bring in a healthy snack to work on Friday, other than fruit(which everyone else has brought in) what can I bring in????????
Monday, February 14, 2011 4 comments

Gone With the Wind.............

My Mojo or motivation left me this weekend with the 1,000 mph winds that we were encountering in the mitten state.

There a re a few businesses near me that have outside flag the size of Rhode Island, and when you see these things standing straight out, it gets a lot intimidating!

I have never and probably will never be a fan of wind. I would rather run uphill forever than run in windy conditions!

I know that it's mental and I'll continue to run, but it just got to me this weekend.

Wow, maybe I'm having withdrawals from football????

I watched a portion of the Red Wings game while on the treadmill but that even got boring.

I even did a quarter mile shoeless to see if that would get the juices flowing... it didn't help but it did remind me that I have calluses on my big toes for a reason.....

I think if all of this ice crap was removed from the streets I would feel better or maybe a few consecutive sunny days....

Maybe I'll go tanning....................... HA

Stay thirsty my friends....
Saturday, February 12, 2011 7 comments

The Numbers LIE!

After a week of sub-freezing temps and ice and snow on the roads to hear about temperatures in the twenties was a much needed break.

We were going to have sunshine and blue skies with a low of 25 degrees?

This is too true to believe, you can tell that we're desperate for any good weather here in the mitten state!

Well what they didn't tell me was that the wind was gusting up to 25 mph!

Damn you weather people....................

So now I know how Moses must have seen when he got to the Red Sea. I had a team of runners looking at me for the answer to how we were going to run in these elements.....

Fortunately this was a cut-back week in their mileage but we still had to get creative in our route. We stayed away from the humongous lake of ice fishermen that has no cover from the wind. Fortunately we were able to find some hills........... HA

We encountered some snow drifts but overall it wasn't as bad as everyone thought it would be.

Sandy reported that she took first in her age group for the Dances with Dirt Green Swamp 50k. I wonder if there was another crazy woman her age doing it????

Possible fifty degree highs next week!!!

Did someone say running shorts????
Friday, February 11, 2011 4 comments


My little Garmin footpod is fantastic! It actually almost makes running on the treadmill enjoyable!

Nah what am I talking about, it isn't that great but I do have my heart-rate and mile splits recorded in Garminese........

I still need to calibrate it because I'm losing approximately .02 per mile.

Isn't that crazy that I would care about .02 of a miles?????

I think the entire country is expecting warmer temps in the next week, so everyone will be out frolicking in shorts and T-shirts!!!

Remember, it's still the cold and flu season.....

Sandy is down in Dade City, Florida doing a 50k in the Dances with Dirt series. She wants to complete the series to get her 'belt buckle' for doing all four in the series. Damn, we are a different breed of people.....

We have to make a decision on whether we participate in the Make-A-Wish 300 mile bike ride or the Great Lakes Relay and run across Michigan???

Doesn't that sounds like a great vacation????

Okay there no football on television, so I guess this weekend will be void of sports!

Maybe I'll read a book?


Stay thirsty my Friends.
Thursday, February 10, 2011 13 comments

Three Things Thursday...........

1) I


3) Winter

I just couldn't resist.
Wednesday, February 9, 2011 6 comments

I'm Connected...........

I finally received a running gift!

That's right, I usually never get a running related gift for Xmas or birthdays, but when asked what I wanted..........

Ta Da...............

Since most of us have been relegated to running on a moving conveyor belt indoors and manually logging our miles, I wanted to go hi-tech.

Do any of you own the foot pod, is there some trick that the instructions won't tell me?

Now I will be generating running data that will collected by my Garmin and magically transferred to my PC.

This will also answer my question about treadmills being calibrated. I've often gotten on a treadmill and swear that I'm running faster than the displayed output. Now I'll be able to tell....

Hey, this might even help me get over my thirty minute mental barrier.
Tuesday, February 8, 2011 4 comments

Guys my Age........

Doctor, it hurts when I do this?

Well stop doing that! Rim-shot.......

As I get older, I'm making more appointments with individuals in the medical professions.

My teeth, eyes and overall body have been functioning pretty good for a guy my age!

I'm starting to hate the phrase, 'guy your age'...................

I asked the doctor about my running times getting slower and he told me why in his own medical jargon, "you're getting old'!

I'm not sure when it happened but I find that the pain of training isn't as desirable as it used to be. I'm having arguments with myself on why we need to got that extra miles or finish another set of exercises.

That's when I think about those other 'guys my age'.............

Punished myself and had a good hang-over run on Monday. Boy it was tough, the world was turning and my head kept falling into the snow.

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled life.............

Stay thirsty my friends.
Monday, February 7, 2011 7 comments

Super Birthday Monday

Well it was a good game and I'm glad for the outcome.

What a great birthday gift for ME!

Fortunately I scheduled a vacation day so I could celebrate like it was 1999..........

I had a craptastic run but it was Super Sunday....

Go Packers.......... Now where is that aspirin????
Sunday, February 6, 2011 3 comments

Super Sunday!

Nuff said.............

I've been a Packer fan since Super Bowl I, which wasn't called the Super Bowl the...........

We got dumped on with about six inches of the white stuff, so I hope the treadmill didn't read my previous post.

Is it hard to run with your tail between your legs?????

Is there a crow flavor GU???????

Okay, I getting ready to don all of my Packer apparel and headed out to watch the game with friends.

If you're a Steeler fan, I'm sorry for the beat down!!!!

Go Pack......
Friday, February 4, 2011 6 comments


Initially it was just a friendly lunch date, where we met for a brief instance.

Nothing big just a quick encounter where we would share a few moments.

We had noticed each other in the past but I was too busy to venture over in the same room.

Well as fate would have it, the conditions were such that we connected!

It was strange in the beginning and I didn't know what to expect. Initially I took it slow but I quickly found that I wanted just a little more time together.

In this cold world it's nice to feel warm and safe. So in just a few days I started looking forward to our lunch dates, even though I knew it couldn't last.

So today with the big ball of fire in the sky and the temps in the twenties, I ended my brief affair with the treadmill!

I could tell that it wasn't fazed a bit by me running outside, there was a walker on it when I left the building. I'm sure the two of them will be happy, no matter how long their relationship lasts!

Just think, I was so close to making arrangements for Tuesday intervals and Thursday tempo runs..........
Thursday, February 3, 2011 11 comments

Wednesday's WTF on Thursday.....

After a full day of shoveling and blowing the white stuff, I get to go back to work!

The roads are still a little dicey and Sandy actually had another Snow Day, damn teachers.........

Hey, can you believe what happened in Chicago on Lake Shore Drive???

Is that crazy or what? Stranded in your car in the city!

Okay, I get to work and bam............

Okay, it wasn't this bad but why are people so rude???????? Obviously everyone doesn't cover their food while it heating! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Why do people leave their shopping carts behind or next to other peoples cars?????????

Why will drivers almost run you over in said parking lots, unless you have a shopping cart?

Does the cart make more damage than the human body???

Do you leave your stuff on the treadmill if you have to pee in mid-run????
Wednesday, February 2, 2011 8 comments

Snow Day...............

I got the email this morning that our office was officially closed due to the weather(snow).....

We received about 4- 6 inches but the media hype was enough to scare the bejesus out of you....

Okay time to build snow forts and snow-women..................

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 8 comments

Tuesday's Random Thoughts

Snowmageddon is about to engulf the entire Midwest and the media is on it like stink on $hit! Why does the media feel it's necessary to tell me to charge my cell phone and make sure that I have gas in the tank? I always do that...............

I always love how they also deem it necessary to give these events a name. This is being referred to as 'Winter Storm 2011', not unique but it's still early.

Today, they even displayed the definition of a blizzard. If it doesn't last three hours, it's just a snowstorm!

Schools will be closed and I'll be warned about shoveling snow and how many breaks to take when I am shoveling.

If you don't have to go outside, don't go outside. Don't they know that I own Yak-Traxs????

How is the Biggest Loser going to handle four trainers in one gym?

Why is the Bachelor still on television?

Have you signed up for 'Running with the Stars' yet?

If we could fly, do you think there would be flying races???

Stay thirsty my friends...........