Monday, March 14, 2011 7 comments


Got some stuff going on in life that's preoccupying my brain!

We're still running and training, but not blogging or reading....
Thursday, March 3, 2011 9 comments

Three Things Thursday..........

1) I am amazed at the amount of running knowledge that we carry in our heads! We had one of our TNT clinics that we usually have an outside expert come in to share their advice to the participants. Well, our expert had a conflict and couldn't make it. So your truly had to step in and take the bull by the horns(I always wanted to say that). I came up with my agenda and listed all of the areas that I needed to cover and it was a lot! Everyone was really impressed.......As Homer Simpson would say, I am SMRT smart.........

2) Achilles tendonitis, nuff said..................... OUCH

3) I have over 90 running related websites bookmarked under 'Running' in Firefox! That doesn't include any Blogging sites. What the hell am I looking for? How the heck did we run prior to the internet? No wonder everyone is an expert now........... How many do you have????
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 9 comments

Wednesday's Why??????????

Okay this isn't a running why but I keep seeing it and I have to ask.

Why are women walking around in sweatpants and short that display the word 'pink' on their butts but it's in different colors now?

Shouldn't Pink be pink?

Is it a regional thang or do a lot of the younger female runners turn their waistband inside out????

I'm thinking about calling ESPN about that Running Reality show..............
Tuesday, March 1, 2011 11 comments

Tuesday's Thoughts..........

I've been following a couple of you crazy-ass bloggers that logged 200 miles in February! WTF???

I was going to brag about my 100+ but I guess I'll just go sit in my corner..............

I think even in my hayday, (which was back when hay was a commodity) I never logged that many miles in the WINTER!!!!!!

Do you realize how many pairs of running shoes you are going to go through?????

Don't you realize that bears hibernate during this season for a reason?

Dancing with the Stars has been on for 12 seasons and we can't get a good television show about running or exercise?????

LOL...... A running reality show:
  • Wake up early while the rest of the world is sleep and go for a run
  • Go to work and sneak in a lunchtime run or workout
  • Get home and eat healthy and you're in bed by 9:00 PM so you can repeat the process

Okay, now I see why we don't have a show.

You ever look at your PC keyboard and wonder what slob has been using it?

Is it okay to get a tattoo of a BEvERage can and where could I put it????

Stay thirsty my Friends..............