Wednesday, April 29, 2009 8 comments

Wednesday Why???

Why was I 'over served' on Tuesday evening and paying for it on Wednesday moanin'? It was our running club's 26th Anniversary, that's why....... Most of us have cups/glasses in our hands. I'm in the back in from of the dartboard.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 3 comments

Another Cause...........

Sunday, April 26, 2009 7 comments

Saturday Stuff

Saturday started with the TNT group training run where the team performed fantastic!

These individuals are growing as runners and far exceeding my expectations.

Full marathoners got in 18 miles, while the half-marathoners ran 9 miles in warmer than normal temps.

Our team in Nashville were also greeted with warmer than normal conditions, but that didn't stop them. I can't wait to hear their stories.

This was followed with a couple of hours of watching the NFL Draft, which is as exciting as watching paint dry.

The weather was suppose to be sunshine and hot, but Mother Nature had a different idea and we received rain, hail and wind.

But that didn't stop a few neighbors from starting a fire and opening a few BEvERages in the evening.
Friday, April 24, 2009 3 comments

I Hate Wind!!!!!

Since we're having the start of much warmer temps I went out for a lunchtime run.

I was running like a gazelle with every stride landing in the right spot.

I was even having guilt feelings about running so good, WTF?

I thought it was just being out in the sunshine and warmer temps, that makes me want to run.

Well, I found out why I was doing so well, I made the turn to return to work and that's when I was hit by a 30 mph wind gust.........

No wonder those Olympic records aren't allow with wind.


Facebook has taken over the world! Okay, not the entire world but a large portion.

I received a Facebook notification from one of my neighbors that a few of them will be hanging out and having beers and even a fire on Saturday evening, since the weather is suppose to be warm.

Now pre-Facebook, this type of event just happened. One neighbor would be outside and open a beer, then the sound would start a wave of neighbors coming outside.

Ah, the good old days.

I should actually get to see some legs tomorrow morning for our TNT group run. The temps are going to be in the 60s at the start of our run!

I can tell that everyone's attitude changes with the sun beaming down on them.

Boy are they in for a surprise when the temps jump to 80º and they still have miles to run....

Should I drive by with the car A/C on?????????
Thursday, April 23, 2009 6 comments

Wednesday's Why on Thursday

Why am I still in Michigan when my TNT team is in Nashville?

Just like every other sector in this country, the charitable organizations have been taking a beating due to the economy.

They've had to cut back on expenses and one of those was coach's travel.

So my team is basking in the sunshine of warmer temps of Nashville getting ready to conclude their TNT journey.

I miss them already.........

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 8 comments

Just Wait Five Minutes

There's a saying in Michigan that if you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes.

Today was that day for out lunchtime run. We went through the gambit of weather in a short 4 mile run. The run started with me regretting that I didn't have my sunglasses, but they had forecast rain the entire day.

How hard is it being a weatherperson, just say there's a chance of sunshine or partly cloudy, hey how about scatter rain?

Okay the sunshine didn't last and the winds started picking up, which is always a bad sign in the Spring.

Have you ever been out on a run and saw he rain clouds in the distance and actually saw rain? Well that was next on our plate, wind and rain. Now rain is no problem because you can put your head down and keep going, but what about hail?????

This was the first time in my twenty-five plus years of running that I've run in HAIL!!!!

Hail does a job on a person with no hair on their skull to protect them. I could have cried and no one would have known, since the hail was mixed in the rain. The other thing is that you instinctively start to run faster to get back to shelter. The faster you run, the harder the hail hit you, this is stupid. Oh, I'm sorry, this is Michigan.

Five minutes later as we made it back to work, the sun came back out.......
Monday, April 20, 2009 2 comments

The Worm has Turned and more ramblings

We had an absolutely gorgeous weather weekend here in the High-five state.

I think I spent 20 hours outside on Saturday between running and digging holes in the ground!

As I'm constantly saying the first few weeks of spring are like nirvana to me in the garden. I will bust my arse during those days trying to catch up and get everything in order.

Now when July rolls around and I hate mowing the lawn, don't say I didn't warn you!

The team did fantastic and we'll be sending a fraction of them to Nashville to kick cancer's ass!

I am so proud of each and every one of my team for the five months of training in what a lot of people have called a vicious Winter. I'm not even sure if these people even have flesh. We're suppose to have temps in the seventies again for the upcoming weekend.

Hey, we had an alumni finish Boston in 3:43, way to go Veronica Alatorre! She probably had a great coach.

Now I remember why we like to run outside while the sun beams down on our faces......
Friday, April 17, 2009 7 comments


It appears that we have finally turned the corner and can enjoy some spring weather. I've been able to get out and run at lunch yesterday and today, in shorts and a T-shirt!!!!

Is it too soon to put on sunscreen?

Christie had never heard of 'The Stick', so here's a picture.

We had another successful track workout with the TNT participants and they are actually enjoying the pain! Wait until we get to the mile repeats...............

My back is much better and I didn't even use the old drugs. I'm really surprised since nothing on this body heals quickly anymore.

We're getting to the last few weekends for the Spring team and their nerves are starting to show. I really hate not going to the events but money is tight for everyone, especially charitable organizations.

Good luck to everyone that is headed to Beantown for Monday's marathon. I think the forecast has rain in it but they've been wrong before.

Good luck to Meb Keflezighi in London, like he really read my blog........ I just love to namedrop.

Have a great weekend.
Wednesday, April 15, 2009 7 comments

Wednesday's What?????

Since Jess doesn't own a heating pad, it got me to thinking about all of the other aids that I've purchased or gotten over the years.

So I accumulated my little list of things and wondered, what do other athletes have??

  • Heating pad
  • Ice bags(one for work)
  • Foam roller
  • 'The stick'
  • Epsom salt
  • Knee braces
  • Compression shorts
  • Compression socks
  • Ace bandages
  • Ice

Wednesday Humor

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 8 comments

My New BFF

Okay, I know that I'm impatient when it comes to my injuries, so my newest best friend is my heating pad.

We go to work together, we watch television together and we even started sleeping together.

I can still run without any discomfort on the track to eliminate some of the shock to my body but I don't want to hamper the healing process.

I'm using my Ben-Gay stick-on pads and they seem to really help. I've even gone into the medicine cabinet and found some old meds, just in case.

Fortunately we've had crappy weather in the high-five state, so I don't feel as though I'm missing a lot.

I hope to be back(pun intended) before the weekend group run. Until then, I'll be the guy that smells like your Granddad.....

Hey, you kids, get off my grass.....
Sunday, April 12, 2009 8 comments

TNT 20/13 Miler

Well it was a beautiful morning for a long run. We held the group run at another metro park that was central to the Detroit area teams. This is how everyone gets to meet their teammates that will be going to the same events.

Now when I say beautiful, I really mean the sun was shining. We still had temps hovering around 35º and a slight breeze.

Typically when our group runs at our home base, we take the first mile really slow but not today. You would have thought it was the beginning of the Boston marathon. Almost everyone took off way too fast.

Fortunately, the fast start didn't take everything out of my team. It was so encouraging to see the 1/2 marathoners finish ten miles and take the last 5k in stride. Of course some of them entered the 'Bite-me zone' but no profanity was directed my way.

The full marathoners completed their 20 miles with no real difficulty but it took it's toll on them. I continue to tell them that they will have something left for that last 10k.

Everyone limped away in good spirits and now the taper begins.

I on the other hand, somehow tweaked my back and was barely able to get out of the car when I got home. I attribute it to turning the calendar too many times and the cold weather.

It's amazing how your body becomes a weather predictor and needs to be warm.

After spending the entire remainder of the day with a heating pad, it's getting better. That and a muscle relaxer!

I did get out and run a mile on the school track this morning without any problems.
Friday, April 10, 2009 5 comments

Ice, ice, baby!

I think that I'm going to finally break down and start taking these once and a while.

My legs are shot from running and perform all forms of squats with plates, kettlebells and anything else that the EXTREME class instructor can have us lift!

I was really struggling to have a nice easy run yesterday evening. It's bad when you start your workouts with tired legs and I still have miles to run this weekend!

So stay tuned to read if my body and the ice baths can coexist! I currently have a fabulous relationship with ice but that's just on one body part(knee).

My spring team will be running their 20/12 miler this weekend and the weather seems like it will cooperate. Hopefully everyone will come out of this with the confidence and strength to breeze through their events.

It's Opening Day here in Detroit, Go Tigers..........
Wednesday, April 8, 2009 3 comments

Wednesday's Why

Well we had out first TNT track workout and now I know WHY I enjoy working with this group so much.

I think we had wind gust of up to 20 mph but that didn't deter the participants from doing their workout.

I had planned on 4 x 1000 but because of the wind, we cut it to 4 x 800.

I guess my why for Wednesday could be, 'why does everyone run that first 400 so fast?'.

After yelling at a few of them to slow down they seemed to get a better handle on the workout.

The other great thing about it, is watching the faces of the other people on the track, they're always wondering why this group of adults are on the track running fast?

I love it.................
Tuesday, April 7, 2009 8 comments

Not Again!!!

Just when I'm getting settled in to spring-like temps and the ability to run in shorts, we get more of that white crap!

Okay, once again I have to remind myself that no on is on their rooftop asking to be rescued from the rising waters. The snow will melt, the snow will melt.....

This will be the first week for out Team in Training Wednesday track workouts. I'm hoping that we have a good turnout even in less than perfect weather conditions.

So now I'm going to have to get to the track early to get in my workout before the team gets there. Remind me why I do this again?

Oh, that's right, I love it!

We also have our big 20/12 miler for the team on Saturday. This is a great time because we bring all of the teams from the metropolitan Detroit area together. Not that I'm looking for bragging rights, but the Eastside(my team) typically rules!

Okay, time to get outside and play in the 36º cloudy evening.
Sunday, April 5, 2009 7 comments

Everyone Knows it's Windy....

We had another day of wind gust of 30 mph for our TNT group training.

So when you're given lemons, you make lemonade. We practiced drafting off each other while running.

I've been known to draft off runners a foot shorter than me, just to have some of the wind blocked. It's also a rest way to mentally rest and recover for me.

We actually had to run some hills to get out of the wind and no one was complaining, go figure.

I still contend that running in the wind is tougher than running hills. At least you can se the top of the hill, he wind seems to never end.

I think it was a hard run for a lot of the team but they persevered.

Next week is the Spring team's 20/12 miler, then it's taper time.

Oh yeah, that Final Four thang is down to two!!!!

Go Green, Go White!!!!!
Friday, April 3, 2009 9 comments


What Would Runners Do???

We are such creatures of habit when it comes to our running. I have my favorite brand of socks and some brand loyalty with my shoes (Brooks).

Some of us even have a set routine that we go through before we run, certain stretches or not!

So I got to thinking about some situations that I've been in and how they effected my running.

Since I'm running every day at least one mile, I may be faced with some uncomfortable circumstances along the way.

So I'm asking each of you would you:

  • Run one mile barefoot(didn't pack my shoes in my bag)?
  • Run without socks and risk the blisters?
  • Run in your work clothes?
  • Run after consuming several BEvERages?
  • Run sick?
  • Run in a storm?
Just asking..................

T.G.I.Final Four

Welcome to the Final Four Weekend in Detroit.
Thursday, April 2, 2009 4 comments

Three Down

It's funny that with work, running and Team in Training I didn't realize that the month of March had come and gone.

Hey, we still have March Madness coming to Detroit, it can't be over.....

As much as I want the summer months to get here, the days are moving way too fast.

March was a good month for running and exercising, but work beat me up pretty bad.

Pat, the running streak is still alive and well. I've only had one day that almost got to me!

With April comes the addition of speedwork, that weekly routine to make us quicker than our competition. April will also mean getting on the bike whenever possible, remember I have 29 hours in my day!

So as we bid month number three farewell, we can look forward to the lawn mowing, barbecuing, road racing, swimming, cycling months ahead.

Now why am I so tired??????
Wednesday, April 1, 2009 11 comments

Wednesday Why???

Okay, it's not a running relate why but something that I noticed quite a bit.

On the elevator, why can't people look at each other?

Why is it that a majority of people look at the elevator floor?

Are we that afraid of seeing someone or making someone uncomfortable?

Next time you're in an elevator, check it out.