Wednesday, June 30, 2010 7 comments

Wednesday's Why????

Okay, this just popped in my head, why do they sell condoms at Sam's Club?????

I saw this catch phrase regarding 1/2 marathons and thought it was worth sharing:

'A good girl never goes all of the way'.......

This brought out some more good running phrases.........

"half of crazy is still crazy!"

"Are you going to stare at my butt or are you going to pass me?"

"Yes, I run like a chick...but I'm ahead of you"

"Some girls chase boys, I pass'em"

Got any more??????
Tuesday, June 29, 2010 5 comments

Tuesday's Thoughts

Well the race volunteering was great but missing out on much deserved sleep wasn't. The races started at a horse-racing track, which gave a new meaning to the term course sweeper!

Normally you sweep the course to ensure there are no major obstacles or cars that could impact the race. I had to make sure the the race track was free of horse poop!

The things we do for a free T-shirt.

More random crap...

Sandy participated in a 25 mile training run that started at midnight, talk about different!!!!! She's getting ready for her first 50 mile race.

How many ultra-runners do you know? One of the guys from my Tuesday running group completed the Western States 100 mile race. That's my monthly total, WTF!

Why do they call them races when you're doing that much mileage? It should just be a fifty mile thing or moving for fifty miles.

I had one consecutive good run in a row, there was confetti and the crowd was fantastic!

Who did we talk to about our running exploits before blogging, if we didn't have a group?????

I miss my 2010 TNT teams............
Friday, June 25, 2010 6 comments

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time.........

I'm sure all of us have had that moment when you asked yourself, 'why did I agree to do this'??????

Well, I volunteered to be the Start-line Coordinator for a local series of races and now that the weekend is here............... you get the picture.

I am really looking forward to the races and I'm sure that I'll have a great time but the drawback is waking up at the butt-crack of dark to get there!

When you participate in a race, you try to get there in enough time to do packet pick-up and maybe ensure a good parking spot.

When you're part of the race, you're expected to be there before participants have gotten out of bed.... Yes, another lovely weekend day of waking up with that damn alarm clock!

I'm really trying to accumulate as much inner-workings of races as possible. I'm seriously thinking of putting on an annual race for my TNT participants as a team fundraiser. It would be something different, like Skirtchasers meet the Hashers but on a smaller scale.

I know a lot of folks are in Seattle for that big event and good luck and hopefully good weather!

I'm taking time off from running until Sunday to let my 'good' knee rest.....

Okay, catch you on the flip side.

Thursday, June 24, 2010 6 comments

Three Thing Thursday

1) A summer cold is no fun! I've contracted something that is making mucus faster than I can get rid of it! I'm waking up with a stuffy nose which is cutting into my beauty rest(not that I need a lot). ;-)

2) Why can't the runners at the track workout listen to me when I tell them that running in hot temps takes it's toll on the body? I had a few individuals skip a couple of intervals because they went out to fast. We consumed a lot of h2O yesterday, I was sweating just taking their times!

3) Why does June 21 always make me sad? Knowing the days are getting shorter just depresses me. The funny part is my bedtime is so early it shouldn't matter.
Wednesday, June 23, 2010 6 comments

Wednesday's Why????????

Since every runner in the world now has a GPS unit or some sort of tracking software to figure out mileage, today's question is pretty simple.

Why do we always plan or run to the exact mile?

I've seen people run around parking lots to get in .3 miles, so they could log an even number.

With the exception of the mile or maybe a 10 mile race, all of our events are in meters which means no exact miles.

I'm taking some time off to let my knee calm down and yes Coach Liz I am icing it on a regular basis.

I didn't win the Biggest Loser contest at work, but I did represent for the athletic type and lost nine pounds. I celebrated with a bag of chips and a six-pack of adult BEvERages................ ha

Okay, get out there and run 3.4 miles Jess................
Tuesday, June 22, 2010 4 comments

I Don't Knee d THIS!!!!

Who the hell was that Murphy guy, you know the one, 'whatever can go wrong, will go wrong'???

Just as I'm finishing my TNT season with no major issues and ready to embark on actually racing again, now I'm having issues with my left knee (the good one!).............


I know that it's just some minor inflammation but I don't need any setbacks, especially now...

It is funny how I now describe my body parts as the 'good one' or the 'bad one'.........

On a different note, I'm partnering up with a co-worker to do 'Body for Life' by Bill Phillips. They need some motivation and asked me to help out. Has anyone done it before?????

Sunday, June 20, 2010 6 comments

This is for the Birds

This running stuff is for the birds but that's not reason for the title.

On Saturday as I was packing the car for my last TNT group training session, I noticed a pigeon walking around my garage.....

Was this a sign from the Running Gods? What type of omen could this have been?

We don't have pigeons in our neighborhood, where did this thing come from?

It was tagged on one leg which means what? Was there a message for me?

Okay back to running stuff, It's hot as hell here in the High-five state!!!!!

Bird story number two. I hate parking the car in the garage during the day so I leave it int he driveway. Since I'm not crazy about A/C, I love having open windows in the car. This morning I noticed bird poop on the inside passenger door and didn't think much of it.

Low and behold, I look outside and notice a bird perched on the open window as if it was his or hers(not sure of the sex of the bird). This bird had made my car it's home, bathroom included.......

More running stuff, it's still hot and sunny,,,,,,

Did anyone do the Warrior Dash??????
Friday, June 18, 2010 5 comments

WTF riday

Wednesday, Thursday & thank God for Friday!

No, my WTF moment happened yesterday when someone decided to run some Yasso 800s at High-noon, like some type of cowboy...........

Since Wednesday was a well deserve rest day, I was feeling guilty and needed some pain.

I should have known I was in trouble from the beginning when my warm-up mile had me sweating like a pig. Do they really sweat????????

Why did it feel like I was jumping off the high-dive platform when I started my first 800?

Here's goes nothing, WTF?????????? 3:25, that's way to fast!!!!

OMG, I can't stop sweating now, get some fluids.

Who mixed this Gatorade? It's too sweet...........

Have you ever had a moment when you just didn't want to get started and just took off running?

Okay, number two here we go..............

3:28!!!!! Your heart rate is too high, slow down you idiot! We have three more to do.

I hate Bart Yasso, who the hell put him in charge?

Get more fluids...........

Number three....... go!

Hey, why does it feel like I'm going to puke??????????

Needless to say number three wasn't a complete 800.

Note to self, bring water instead of syrup next time. Water will settle better in my stomach.

So boys and girls, remember too many sweets will make your tummy upset......
Thursday, June 17, 2010 5 comments

MIA for Good Reasons

Wow, I take a few vacation days and you guys are blogging like crazy!!!!!

I plan on using as much of my vacation time in the 'SUMMER' and not hold on to vacation days until the more popular months of February and March!

Sandy's school year has ended and now she's training for her first fifty-mile race! I know, how can it be a race if it's 50 MILES??????

This is the last week of our Biggest Loser contest at work and I'm almost to my goal weight, damn those weekend BEvERages!

I ran a few trail miles and my knees were not too thrilled with them. We have a group of runners that are running them at night! Do I know crazy folks or what?

Okay, let me peruse my 98 post that you've written and actually get some real work done.

Wednesday's Why on Thursday: Why do we take vacation when we know we'll have more work when we get back?????????????????
Saturday, June 12, 2010 3 comments

Saturday Without a Team

I was all dressed with no team to run with!!!!!

So I decided to crash the Fall team's training. Sandy didn't know I was going to do it....

Boy, I bet they hate me now........

It's so much easier being tough to runners you don't know.

If you tell me you want to run 9:00 minute miles, we're running 9:00 minute miles! The entire training run... It was super hot and humid at 8:00 AM.....

Why do we think we can do our long run at an unrealistic pace????

Slow down my friends, enjoy the long run.

I know all of you have your 2010 race calendar filled but I decided to wait until I knew my body could handle the training. Well now I think the body is ready.....

Reading about the amazing accomplishments of several blogging animals, I'm ready to jump into the pool.

Hey, maybe theres a chance for the Olympic team????

So now I have to find a few tune-up races to get ready to take on the world..........

Now I have to find my red singlet, ala Tiger Woods.

Thursday, June 10, 2010 4 comments

Speed Kills, Okay it Hurts

There are a few runners at my place of employment and with the warmer temps a lot of us are running at lunch time.

Being the elder statesman of the group, I tend to take the brunt of their 'old man' running jokes.

So yesterday I decide to show these youngsters what I could do on the track!

We have a 1/2 mile path near our building so this would be a good day for 1/2 mile repeats. My intentions were to try and maintain a comfortable 3:45 1/2 mile pace with a 1/4 recovery.

It's amazing what running with co-workers can make you do:

First 1/2 = 3:30, but that didn't feel like I was going that fast.
Second 1/2 = 334, that hurt and I can't breath anymore.
Third 1/2 3:32, Why am I getting light-headed all of a sudden and I can't feel my legs!
Fourth 1/2 = 3:35, I'm having a heart attack, I know it! I can't see.......................

Once I regained the use of my limbs and had my fill from the oxygen tank, I was able to do my cool-down with the kids. Needless to say, I held my own against a younger faster group of runners. Little did they know that I will never get out there with them again!

Now where did I put my medication???????????
Wednesday, June 9, 2010 6 comments

Wednesday's Why????????

Oregon man runs 102 miles barefoot on a high school track!!!!!!!!

Okay, he did it for the Relay for Life! But Barefoot?????????

TALENT, Ore. (AP) — Todd Ragsdale enjoyed a peppermint mineral foot soak while relaxing at home Monday. It was well deserved after running a world-record distance without shoes over the weekend. Between 8 a.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday, the 41-year-old logged 102 miles barefoot — 413 laps on the South Medford High School track.

Ragsdale made his run in the Relay For Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

The run left Ragsdale's feet bruised, blistered and swollen, but he said it was well worth it.
Tuesday, June 8, 2010 3 comments

Nap Time??

I'm beginning to think that I need to include some Power Naps into my daily routine.

I get the hell scared out of me every work day at 4:33 AM by the sounds of that damn alarm clock. Normally I can just spring up(sit on the edge of the bed for two minutes) and stagger to the kitchen for coffee.

Once the caffeine kicks in, I'm alert and ready to take on the world!

Unfortunately that doesn't last very long.

Okay fast forward thru the day, run or strength train at lunch......

Here is where my engine starts to sputter on the ride home!!!! Why is that?

I can remember in my youth when I was energized when I left work!!!!

So what I'm thinking is that I could possibly take a 30 minute nap once I get home and not everyday but just when needed.... Hey, professional athletes do it all the time.

An entire country takes Siestas on a regular basis....

Does anyone out there rest their eyelids on a regular basis during the day????

Oh yeah, I haven't heard from my one participant that did the Rock N Roll in San Diego but her time was awesome........
Sunday, June 6, 2010 5 comments

TNT Saturday

Since the last of my summer team is in San Diego, I ventured over to the west-side to help the TNT team get in their 20 miler for Alaska.

The teams are really dwindling to small groups, to the point that each runner had their own personal coach running with them.

My participant was Wendy and we talked the entire time. Okay, I talked the entire time. It's funny what you talk about with a person you just met.

I had to almost force her to take in fluids, even though she wasn't thirsty. I found out how hardheaded Wendy could be!

We worked on when to take in nutrition and how often. She wanted to take in stuff every six miles, I convinced her to take it sooner.

We even talked about potty breaks and I had just met this woman!!!!!

I told her about the tank trail on the Alaska course and how to maneuver the ruts for a better surface to run on.

It was great to help out and now I have to deal with my TNT empty nest syndrome......

They grow up so fast.

I hope everyone is having a great running weekend.
Friday, June 4, 2010 3 comments

Website Overload and Mo'.........

Okay, I miss a couple of days of checking Google Reader and find out that you guys are posting every single day of the week, holidays included. (I'll never catch up!)

Why did I check the box to receive emails from subsequent comments? Oh that's right, so I can have a backlog of emails to delete in my free time...... (have I always been this stupid?)

Did I mention that I need to update my DailyMile, Buckeye Outdoor, RoadRunner Sports, SparkPeople, Calorie Count, ShapeLink and BrooksRunning Club accounts for the past few weeks?

As you can see, I have issues committing to one site to hold all of my valuable training information.

Well, the last few TNT participants are winging their way to San Diego to rock that marathon and 1/2 marathon. I will officially have a two day weekend in a few weeks. What will I do now that I'll have six hours to myself?

I still have to post a race report from last weekend's Bayshore Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. The team did fantastic but a few participants to the Porta-Potty tour of the course!!! Hey **it happens. (literally)

My hamstring is feeling better after a couple of days off and I'll be ready to test it out this weekend.

Just to give you a clue as to what kind of crazy household we have, this was a birthday gift for Sandy recently.

Romantic isn't it???????????
Thursday, June 3, 2010 4 comments

A Perfect Shame

I've always loved baseball and to be witness to a perfect game is rare!

We were watching perfection last night as Armando Galarraga pitched to 28 Cleveland batters. Twenty-eight because the umpire missed the call on what would have been the last out! Once again baseball will be criticized for not using the available technology to make correct calls.

This got me to thinking about what would be the perfect game in running?

Is it just a matter of breaking records? Can average Joe or Jane acheive perfection in their running? I know a few of you have Boston qualifying as an ultimate goal.

But what if you didn't run the 26.2 miles distance?

What about a sub-40 10K race? Or a one mile run in sub-6?

What would be perfect for you???????????

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 6 comments

Wednesday's WTF?????

How could I hurt myself running the warm-up before a speed work session?????

That's right, I felt a pull/knot in my left hamstring while warming up! Stupid hamstring...................

We were doing 1/2 mile repeats and of course I tried to run but after the first 1/2 mile, I knew my evening was over.........(sigh) How could this happen???????

Okay, so maybe I'm not ready for two-a-days, since I went out at lunch and ran a few easy miles!

Okay, so maybe I increased my mileage a little bit, since I logged 136 miles in the month of May!

Okay, so maybe I stopped going to the gym and doing my leg strengthening exercises.

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't be trying to run sub-seven minute intervals just yet.

Yeah, I don't have a clue as to what could be the problem.........