Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday's Random Thoughts

Snowmageddon is about to engulf the entire Midwest and the media is on it like stink on $hit! Why does the media feel it's necessary to tell me to charge my cell phone and make sure that I have gas in the tank? I always do that...............

I always love how they also deem it necessary to give these events a name. This is being referred to as 'Winter Storm 2011', not unique but it's still early.

Today, they even displayed the definition of a blizzard. If it doesn't last three hours, it's just a snowstorm!

Schools will be closed and I'll be warned about shoveling snow and how many breaks to take when I am shoveling.

If you don't have to go outside, don't go outside. Don't they know that I own Yak-Traxs????

How is the Biggest Loser going to handle four trainers in one gym?

Why is the Bachelor still on television?

Have you signed up for 'Running with the Stars' yet?

If we could fly, do you think there would be flying races???

Stay thirsty my friends...........


Lisa said...

we're experiencing our own version here in the desert SW as well, but we rarely make the news.

we must have got nearly a quarter inch last night! schools on a 2 hour delay.

stop laughing. the delay isn't b/c of the snow. there's a solid sheet of ice under that. unfortunately it rained first, then froze.

Dano said...

Hope the snow offers some cross-training opportunities! We are getting ready to kick off our WI "summer" season .... certainly have a lot to look forward to!

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Hmm I heard Jillian is leaving. Everything is closed here because it's sub zero stupid wind, snow outside.. is it spring yet???

TutuRunner said...

i considered my hour of shoveling this morning as cross training. that counts, right?

this just in:
put on a hat.... you'll be fine. =)

isn't it funny how everything about the weather is so life and death, yet they stand in the middle of it all to report it. i mean, really, who's more at risk here???

Hannah said...

Interesting - I never knew the definition of a blizzard. I think that means I'm officially in a blizzard! Kids have a snow day, wind is howling, snow is falling, and of course....kids are fighting. Sigh.

Stay warm!

Marlene said...

Your random thoughts are hilarious!!

People seem to think we are about to be hit by an atomic bomb, not a snow storm. Or is it a blizzard?!

Run Jess Run said...

I think my section of the state is the only part not getting hit by the storm. I'm jealous. I want a day off work.

lindsay said...

The random thoughts are terrific. I dont really like the new trainers... but I think I'm just partial to Bob and Jillian. I do want to know why the Unknown Team is doing so much better. Is it because their food is prepared for them? I kinda hope that bites them in the butt when they go home...

I had another thought, but I lost it.