Thursday, February 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1) I ran outside in shorts yesterday evening!!!!! One of the TNT coaches has a hill training run for his Spring team and I ran with them to check it out. Turns out that they were running on part of the course for the hardest 10k in the world! I had flashbacks about running the race on the hottest day of summer. Oh and I got to use my headlamp.

2) Did that Boston announcement get enough conversations in the Blogsphere and other online areas? You would think that they raised the price of registration, which nobody ever seems to mention.

3) I purchased a pair of Brooks Adrenaline 11 and thought they were too snug. This lead me to finding a pari of my beloved Adrenaline 10 in my size, so I purchased them. So now I'm rotating three pairs of running shoes. Although the new pairs haven't been outside yet!


Mamarunsbarefoot said...

I ran in shorts yesterday too! YAY!!! So with your advice instead of trying to gain 20 minutes I need to BQ I will just try to win. Some how I don't think I will.

Marlene said...

Good point on the price of registration... I should just be glad I'm saving myself some money. ;)

Hubs wore shorts too... it's not THAT warm in my books. Plus, then I'd have to shave!

Betsy said...

I was all gung ho to run in shorts tonight but it's a cold rainy 50 not a warm sunny 50 so I guess I'm glad I brought my tights after all :)

Detroit Runner said...

Being I'm running in the morning, I still have winter clothes running but it sure felt great not to have so many clothes on. Tomorrow in the morning it's going to be 47 but feel like 38. I'll take it. Decided to run tomorrow instead of Saturday. I'll be out at Stoney on Sunday for my long run though. Unfortunately, shorts will not be in the picture by Sunday.

Carlee said...

I'm running in shorts this afternoon. I can hardly wait. I think it might actually be affecting my teaching :)