Sunday, February 20, 2011

Will Wonder Never Cease??????

I still love the fact that runners talk about life when they're running and talk about running when they're not running.

I just found out that my new love(Garmin Foot pod) keeps track of my cadence!

That's right, I can track the number of foot strikes I take.

I am currently on the low-end(85 rpm) for most of my runs, so now I have something to work on.

Once again we had a great TNT training session for both season. It's still amazing to see the looks and expressions when people run further than they ever have!

We're going to get hit with some more white stuff, so it might be back to the dreadmill next week...... sad face!

February will be over in a few days, two months down already?

Stay thirsty my friends..............


Joanna said...

what cadence would you shoot for? I've never kept track of my cadence. Should I?!?

Carlee said...

We had a lot of new runners at our training today. LOVE it. I love that I still train where I had some of my first long runs, I get to parts and think to myself, "I remember wondering if I could make it up that hill." Now I'm trying to make it up and hold a certain pace. That's another thing I like about running, there's always something to reach for!

Anonymous said...

Wow- it tracks cadence too? That is pretty cool. I took a free clinic on running form and the instructor was all about cadence.

Anonymous said...

thanks =) (blush!)

a few things.... i LOVE the fact that runners talk about running when not, and talk about life out on the road. saturday mornings are my favorite!

second, i wish they would put a metronome feature into garmins.... it would be SUCH big help. =) pretty cool that you can get that feedback, tho.

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

A friend and I were supposed to go out to Stoney Creek today but he said on Saturday, it looks like the weather is going to be bad and cancelled. I ended up running by my house because I wanted to stay near the home since my wife is sick. I hope to be out there next weekend for 12 if the weather cooperates. It's not looking good right now though! More white stuff!!

lvt4cats said...

I ran with a friend a week ago and he said we were running at the perfect cadence, though I don't remember what it was. He was also annoyed that he had to work at it for 18 months to be able to run at that cadence while it was perfectly natural to me. lol!!! I can't say I've ever paid attention to form or cadence. I just run! I think I'm doing pretty darned well too! ;-)

lvt4cats said...

I just thought you'd want to know I had to type the word, "flernula" to leave this comment. lol!!!! I'm going to make up a definition for flernula and start using it in everyday language.

Anonymous said...

85 for both feet? Or is that 85 for one foot=170?