Friday, February 11, 2011


My little Garmin footpod is fantastic! It actually almost makes running on the treadmill enjoyable!

Nah what am I talking about, it isn't that great but I do have my heart-rate and mile splits recorded in Garminese........

I still need to calibrate it because I'm losing approximately .02 per mile.

Isn't that crazy that I would care about .02 of a miles?????

I think the entire country is expecting warmer temps in the next week, so everyone will be out frolicking in shorts and T-shirts!!!

Remember, it's still the cold and flu season.....

Sandy is down in Dade City, Florida doing a 50k in the Dances with Dirt series. She wants to complete the series to get her 'belt buckle' for doing all four in the series. Damn, we are a different breed of people.....

We have to make a decision on whether we participate in the Make-A-Wish 300 mile bike ride or the Great Lakes Relay and run across Michigan???

Doesn't that sounds like a great vacation????

Okay there no football on television, so I guess this weekend will be void of sports!

Maybe I'll read a book?


Stay thirsty my Friends.


Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Garmin footpod?? Ok I gotta go see what that is.

TutuRunner said...

i would like to see a relay bike ride across lake michigan.

Marlene said...


Can you send me a link or something? I can't seem to find it on Garmin.

And heck yes those 0.02s add up!

Happy Weekend!!!

Carlee said...

If you really might consider reading a book...Hunger Games is an awesome read (and it's fast and easy too).