Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Numbers LIE!

After a week of sub-freezing temps and ice and snow on the roads to hear about temperatures in the twenties was a much needed break.

We were going to have sunshine and blue skies with a low of 25 degrees?

This is too true to believe, you can tell that we're desperate for any good weather here in the mitten state!

Well what they didn't tell me was that the wind was gusting up to 25 mph!

Damn you weather people....................

So now I know how Moses must have seen when he got to the Red Sea. I had a team of runners looking at me for the answer to how we were going to run in these elements.....

Fortunately this was a cut-back week in their mileage but we still had to get creative in our route. We stayed away from the humongous lake of ice fishermen that has no cover from the wind. Fortunately we were able to find some hills........... HA

We encountered some snow drifts but overall it wasn't as bad as everyone thought it would be.

Sandy reported that she took first in her age group for the Dances with Dirt Green Swamp 50k. I wonder if there was another crazy woman her age doing it????

Possible fifty degree highs next week!!!

Did someone say running shorts????


Detroit Runner said...

I'm hoping for that nice weather coming!

Joanna said...

I really, *really* want to get outside this week. It's in the 40s here today, but we still have ice EVERYWHERE. I saw a dude trying to run outside and it looked like a lot of work.

Lisa said...

stoopid wind!

Running 365 said...

Yeah, I can NEVER complain about the weather here.

Anne said...

Sounds like you did your best to part the winds much like the Red Sea. I'll keep fingers crossed those 40s are no illusion.

lindsay said...

i hope you get those 50's cause that increases the chances of us seeing 70 down here in SC ;)

Marlene said...

Hubs wore shorts on his run this morning - nutter!!!

The wind was something on the weekend but I was just happy not to be freezing my bits off.

Congrats Sandy!!!