Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Normal Again!!!!!

Now there isn't anything wrong with me, not was I living with some strange disorder.

I did something today that a normal person would do.

I the guy that will stop running when my body says to stop or I've reached the destination that I planned on running to. If my Garmin reads 2.2 or 9.8, I stop! I no longer the runner that would have to round up to the next mile.

Today's weather was absolutely summer-like with temps reaching the mid-eighties. Since my long runs are the weekend, I use Friday as a transition day. Transitioning from afternoon or evening runs to my early morning weekends runs. Since it was so nice out today, I just ran a couple of miles instead of being the runner that would run longer because the weather was so nice.

I only had to run a little more than five miles to have 100 miles for the month, which is what a runner would have done. Instead I ran my two miles and was happy about it.

So, I can once again say that 'I'm normal again'....

Have a great weekend peeps.


Marlene said...

I don't know about "normal". Sometimes it's nice not to obsess over the numbers... not that I would know anything about that!

Anne said...

I'm not sure we distance runners can ever be called normal, either, but I'm glad to see you cross over to the Type B side that loves to run just to run and not just to log a specific number each day.

B.o.B. said...

You my friend, are not normal. And this is why we love you.

Kudos on listening to your body and not letting the garmin run your life (pun intended).

Mel-2nd Chances said...

eeeek, what does that feel like?

Running Around Acres said...

normal, maybe, maybe not!!!

Good job on doing what you want though. I too will sometimes keep running and looking at the Gramin til it says exactly 3.1 or 6.2 or whatever the goal was. Even on my regular routes where I may have cut a few corners and shortened the distance just alittle.