Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend Recap

This was the 20/12 miler for the 2010 Spring TNT team, so we combined the area teams for one big TNT training run.

It was a little earlier than normal but the sun eventually came up!

I try to emphasize to my team to go out slow and gradually increase their pace, which they did perfectly. A lot of times when the groups get big the adrenaline takes over and they pay for it in the late miles.

The course was a ten mile loop with a lot of rolling hills that made for some sore ankles and stiff knees, but overall everyone did fantastic.

As you can see we wanted to simulate a true race environment with race bibs and fluid stations.

I was really concerned that the warmer temps would reek havoc on everyone but the sun stayed behind the clouds for most of the morning.

It made for a long day for this coach and I knew I had a Final Four game to watch and empty a few BEvERages.

I got in a few miles with the team and by Sunday my body was talking to me! But that didn't stop me from going to the track and running in circles for a few miles. Boy, my legs love running on the softer track but my brain hates it!

Can you tell this is the beginning, look at all those smiling faces...............


Marlene said...

The team is looking good! Good for them. Very fun with the race bibs and fluid stations.

Racn4acure said...

Your team is looking great! GO TEAM!

Michele said...

Yay! Go team!! Looks like a blast, balloons and all.

Jess said...

Great job Team!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

You must be such a fun coach... great job Ken!!!

Anne said...

Love the race simulation...and the fact that no one's dressed like the Michelin Man anymore.

I love the track too for its forgiving surface but, dang, I can never keep track of my laps mentally. Guess that goes for you too.

prashant said...

Good for them. Very fun with the race bibs and fluid stations.
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