Monday, April 26, 2010

Nashville Notes and Stuff

This weekend was suppose to be the second event for my TNT spring kids in Nashville at the Country Music races. Well, the one thing we have no control of 'Mother Nature' reared her ugly head! Torrential rain, wind, lightning and tornado warnings!!!! That's no way to treat visitors to your city.............

For the safety of the participants, the race officials had a contingency plan to close the course with a 4:30 time limit for the full marathon. Anyone else would be detoured to the half-marathon. As it turned out they diverted runners and none of my team completed the 26.2 miles!

Everyone was still grateful for what they had accomplished both physically and financially for the cause.

We had a wet weekend in the high-five state and its nothing better than running in the rain! (sarcasm)...... Our spring season is winding down and we only have one more week of training before the Flying Pig event. Boy, these kids grow up so fast!


Coach Liz said...

Safety First! I know it was probably a let down for your runners/walkers but like you said the most important part was that they hit their fundraising goals.

Marlene said...

I was so sorry to hear that so many runners didn't get to finish their marathon. I'm glad they still had a great day and celebrated their achievements!

That Mother Nature... always interfering!

Michele said...

Oh wow, what a bummer... boo on mother nature! Still awesome what everyone could accomplish though!

Racn4acure said...

That's a bummer, Ken. The marathoners from Team VA had the same experience. Only one was allowed to continue, and they were pulled at the 20 mile mark. That would be incredibly disappointing, but they gave it their best shot. Mother Nature ultimately rules. Safety first! Art