Monday, November 1, 2010

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the time......

Why would I race my nephew around a city block with my docksiders and jeans???????

Why would I wake up at the butt-crack of dark to drive 90 miles to direct traffic and park cars???????

Why would I run with a throbbing knee(from nephew racing) until I got in my minimum mileage??????

Why would I agree to go into work earlier than normal????????????

Anyway here are a few pictures from the charity race. The Running Redhead made an appearances with her posse also but I was working hard when they drove by.

I froze my ass off directing traffic, when did Winter start? As most if you mentioned, it was for a great cause and I'd do it again.....

The woman in the Wheelchair is the recipient of all this love from the running community.

There were over 3500 participants for this one-time events to assist the Hensleys purchase a wheelchair assesible van.

This was also the first time all of the running specialty stores collaborated on one event!

Lastly, Sunday was a good sports day also. The San Fran Giants are one win from taking the World Series and the Green Bay Packers shutout teh Jets!


Marlene said...

You're awesome for braving the elements and making such a long early morning dirve to help out!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful event. Very bery cool that you volunteered. Now as for racing your nephew....what on earth were you thinking?!

lindsay said...

man, your running stores are snooty! most of the races down here in SC - both local (ok we only have 2) stores are present at the races.

great cause - love to see a community coming together to make things happen.

Racn4acure said...

Great cause. Thanks for helping out. But racing your newphew, or anyone's newphew (or niece) at our ages? Not such a great idea.