Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm a big T-shirt reader, be it at a race or in the gym. I've probably been accused of staring at woman's baby-feeders on more than one occasion. Most of this stems from the years when race T-shirts were creative and unique. I would on occassion wear an out of town race shirt to impress my fellow racers. Yeah, I'm a race T-shirt snob.

I know that most of you are probably as surprised as I am but this is the eleventh month of 2010! I know, we either skipped a couple or somebody slipped something in our BEvERages.......

We expected to have temps in the teens for both weekend mornings, so I have to go drag out my winter running gear! The only good thing about winter running is running behind women!!!!! Do women do the same thing????

When do you get rid of some of your running gear? Will you run in something with a rip or tear?

Why aren't there any jokes about runners???? Do we take ourselves too seriously???

Just heard that the NYC Marathon Expo has over 45,000 people attending and they had to let people in in 'waves'........

R.I.P. Sparky Anderson and thanks for the memories.........


Marlene said...

I know it's a necessity, but I do NOT enjoy looking at men in tights. Sorry! LMAO!

Don't forget your long johns.

Lisa said...

No kidding, how did it get to be November already.

I'm with Marlene...I prefer men to wear tights under shorts. It's just toooooo much information otherwise

Her Name is Rio said...

Can only imagine how crazy the NYC Expo must be!

I get rid of my running gear when it no longer fits (too tight ) or becomes see through (when it's not supposed to be). I have some shirts that have the unraveling thread, but I still don't see myself parting with them for a while.