Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday's Why?????

Why exercise????

Even though we are predisposed with a generic makeup that may of may not benefit us, we can alter some things.

When some of my co-workers heard about Len's surgery, the question of why exercise came up. What good does it do when even a dedicated runner has to have heart surgery

Well it must have done Len some good because he had 80% blockage in four arteries but only 2% damage to his heart.

We're speculating that his exercise regiment helped to prevent more damage to his heart. Hopefully it will also speed up his recovery.

Since the entire country is in a arctic freeze except for Jess in Florida, I did a few 1/4 mile repeats on the indoor track. It's not the same as outdoors, especially when you throw in the walkers that walk three abreast!! Argh....................

So even if I someday run off into the sunset with dementia and never return, I'll be healthy.


Marlene said...

With weather like this, I would like nothing more than to HIBERNATE. But alas, the exercising must go on...

Meg said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It looks like this weekend's Hash is literally in my back yard since I live a couple blocks from there. :) How does it work? Do I just show up or do I have to contact someone?

Meg said...

Thanks! Looks like I'm going to go this Sunday, and bring a couple friends as well!

Jess said...

What I always tell people who argue that exercise doesn't prolong life is that it's not about having a longer life, it's about having higher quality of life, and running provide many people with a higher quality of life. So, while Len is probably better off physically because of running, he's probably also a happier, more satisfied person because he runs. And that makes a HUGE difference.

But hey, we're having a "cold" spell here too! It was 56 here this morning! That's frigid for this area.

CoachLiz said...

Jess had some words of wisdom. Exercise helps with stress reduction, burns those extra calories we over consume, and helps us get back in touch with the outdoors and nature.

We cannot do much about genetic predispositions that we may have but we sure can do something about the condition our body is in when we do have to have surgery.

Spokane Al is proof that being in good physical shape can help the recovery process after surgery and illness.