Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Weather News

I just received this email:

Issued at: 11:42 AM EST 1/27/09, expires at: 8:00 PM EST 1/27/09

Winter weather advisory remains in effect from 10 pm this evening to 1 pm est Wednesday,
A winter weather advisory for snow remains in effect from 10 pm this evening to 1 pm est Wednesday.
Snow will develop this evening, then continue tonight, before tapering off from west to east tomorrow morning. Total snowfall accumulations of 3 to 6 inches are expected. The greater snowfall amounts are expected to accumulate across the far southeastern portions of the county.
Precautionary/preparedness actions,
A winter weather advisory for snow means that periods of snow will cause primarily travel difficulties. Be prepared for snow covered roads and limited visibilities, and use caution while driving.


Melanie said...

Ugh. we're supposed to get it too... stay safe :)

Kim said...

I don't remember when you guys have been hit so bad. I mean I know it snows WAY UP THERE-and you certainly get your share of cold-but this is crazy!

Stay warm!

Running Around Acres said...

My luck here all I will get is more rain turning the roads into skating rinks. i am starting to dislike central Illinois winters.

Lily on the Road said...

Yikes, that means it is on its way here too!

Have you got your furnance fixed yet???

Marlene said...

similar warning up here... stay safe!

Sonia said...

Stoopid snow!!! Makes me even more nervous about the commute tomorrow for my first day at the new job!!

Carly said...

Dude....I feel ya! I am sooooooo sick of winter.

CoachLiz said...

Wait, did they say it was going to snow? I was listening, but I was doing something else as well and I could have been mistaken, but I thought that I heard them say it was going to snow. Is it going to snow?