Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mentor or Coach

Now that the holidays are behind us and the kids are back to school without any breaks or field trips, I get to mentor again.

I got lucky today and we only had to deal with decimal numbers. I can handle addition, subtraction and multiplication.

My kids (Stacy) is pretty quiet and just keeps his nose to the grind when it comes to doing his school work. I have to actually stop him periodically just to discus what's happening in his life. I'm sure I was the same as him when I was his age, but why don't little boys care about clean finder nails and stuff like that?

We had a discussion about hygiene and then it was back to the books. I found that just like coaching you need to throw in a few twist to ensure that they're getting the reasons behind the answers. Overall Stacy is a really smart kid.

My co-worker Len is on the mend. He was released from the hospital in less that a week after having quadruple by-pass surgery. It's unbelievable that you're out so soon. He'll have another few weeks before he can actually get back to work.

His doctors have told him no more marathons, which I'm sure he'll disobey.....

Okay, I'm header out for a run. It's a heatwave here, we're almost at 32º.


Marlene said...

Woowee, that's a real scorcher!

Melanie said...

great job mentoring! Enjoy the heatwave, and awesome news about Len! :)

Pat said...

stacy must get those smarts from his dad.

enjoy the warm spell.

Kim said...

32x2=64 and that's the degrees it was on my run tonight! Yes...I know you don't like me...but too bad...I like you!

Anne said...

Sounds like the ideal kid if a few hygiene reminders is your biggest concern. Looking back at the week's posts, it sounds like you've had a good one.

We didn't get Monday off for the holiday, but our CEO set up our biggest conference hall for everyone to watch the inauguration on a big screen. I was a little surprised at how emotional we got, but it was good to feel again.