Friday, January 9, 2009

Squeeze in a Run

Since we're scheduled to get bombarded with snow for the afternoon ride home. I had to get in a mile on the indoor track at work.

Meetings made it impossible to go longer but the streak makes it necessary.

I also realized how much I hate that track. I'm a track whore!!!

That's right, I admit it. I'll sell my workout just to run near someone on the track.

Tomorrow should be fun, trudging through the white stuff with the team.

Good luck to all of the bloggers doing Disney. I hope you took sunscreen.


Marcy said...

You whore, you! :P

Melanie said...

be safe running in the snow and getting around!

Jess said...

Have fun running in the snow tomorrow!

Sonia said...

Don't make me cry now. We've got 30 cm and I've shoveled hours for the last 3 days..... LOL

Pat said...

so how many days into the streak are you?

Marci said...

How long have you been streaking for? (that reads so inappropriate, lol)