Saturday, January 31, 2009

TNT 2009 Summer Team

What a blast we had in 12º temperature with wind! I have never heard so many people mention that they've never run outside in the Winter than today.

I expected to see a lot of them standing on the path until it began to move but I have a group of treadmill runners that enjoyed being outside.

A few of them were overdressed so I played personal valet collecting clothes as we ran.

This is always an awkward time for me because I always feel like I'm neglecting my Spring team a little. Is this what mothers go through with their kids when they're little?

We're suppose to experience a one day heatwave tomorrow with the high reaching 37º. I'll probably go out in shorts and a tank top!

Milrose games are on the tube if you need some inspiration.

Okay, time to get going with Saturday.


Jess said...

Temperature is all relative, isn't it? If it were 37 here, schools would close, people would stay home, the parkas and wool hats would be out in full force.

fiaschetti said...

neglecting the spring team? p-shaw! who was there to neglect? just jon? :-)

Racn4acure said...

It was cold and windy here as well, but probably 10 degrees warmer. Some summer team, eh? But I think we burn a few more calories when it is cold!

Dano said...

Coach Ken,
Exciting to have a new team on board, isn't it? Seeing recent emails from the "summer team" gives me that extra hope that it'll soon all melt away and us midwesterners will be running in shorts again!

Enjoying your blog. Cheers!
Mentor Dano

Melanie said...

can ya send some of that *heat wave* north?! :)

CoachLiz said...

Shorts, yes...tank top, no.

I would go with a long sleeve top, and don't forget the gloves.

Enjoy your tropical heat wave.

Anne said...

Oh my, is it possible to overdress when it's only in the teens?!