Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three Things Tursday..............

1) I'm compiling my 11 Random things list and probably putting too much thought into it! LOL, how random do I have to be?????

2) Tonight is the Summer Kick-Off for the Summer season of Team in Training. This is a great way for me to re-charge my batteries to see a set of fresh faces. Also, I'm going to attempt creating a video of my questions to the new participants and see how that goes.

3) Crazy Stuff Alert - I'm going to attempt to do over 10,00 pushups in 2012! Now don't get too excited, it sounds like a lot but in reality it's only 30 pushups a day!


Marlene said...

30 pushups a day sounds like plenty to me!

Have fun with kick-off!!

Run Jess Run said...

How are you going to run with those guns?

Joanna said...

I know, I put too much thought into my 11 things too. And, I miss TnT!! Maybe post-baby I'll get back to the group. I still haven't met the chapter here.