Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Is it Thursday already? I love four day work weeks..............

1) I love introducing newbies to endurance running! We're in the process of informational meetings for Team in Training and I always love the looks on their faces. They just don't know the fun that they're going to have. Do you remember when you first started?

2) I want to record some sort of video for my newbies, similar to the Biggest Loser when they first start out. I'll ask a series of questions pertinent to their journey and then another when they nearing the end. Can you think of any good questions?

3) Made arrangements to go spectate at St. Anthony's triathlon in April. This will be Sandy's first Team in Training event. Party on Garth................



Morgan said...

So exciting for Sandy!!!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

The first time I raced every distance (5k, 10k, half, full) it felt like I would never, ever be able to run any further than that distance. The SECOND time I raced each distance, I realized why people race, how people keep going further. Huge difference between my first and second of each distance.

Questions to ask people..... something like "how does it feel when you think about running 5 miles? 10 miles?" stuff like that seems so DAUNTING when you've never done it. But, by the end of marathon training, five miles is nothing. It's such a weird mental shift.

Amber said...

Our chapter has our spring season kick-off party tonight so I can meet all of my new participants. Love their excited, nervous faces and questions. I don't like it so much when they don't listen and show up wearing jeans and leather shoes to practice. hehe

Lily on the Road said...

Well, so glad you are out of your football funk, NOT!

Love the idea of filming everyone, then you've got leverage over them errrr, encouragement for them as they progress.

Way to go Sandy! You will LOVE Tri's

Evolving Through Running said...

I think the Biggest Loser style videos sounds like a great idea. The thing I remember most fondly about my first marathon is the reaching the point in training where each long run became the longest run I had ever done. So much unknown, but so much of a feeling of accomplishment. Glad you're bringing more folks into the running mix.

Marlene said...

That's a great idea to take some video at the start and again at the end.

-Why are you doing this?
-What are you most looking forward to?
-What are you afraid of?
-Do you like running around in circles?

Marlene said...

Hey, tagged you in today's post: