Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I can honestly say that I was shocked and surprised at the number of you Bloggers that didn't take the time off from the holidays to be normal! HA

I spent the time off from work and blogging to reflect on how my life impacted humankind! Okay, I watched a lot of television and ran my arse off!

I was finally able to run in daylight and not have the numerous serial killers and packs of wild dogs chase after me!

Now that the new year has started, it time chart what events and things 2012 will bring! Wait a minute, shouldn't I have done that already?

Okay, I'm late and to be honest, I don't change a lot of my routine.
I'll continue to go to the gym and try to get as big as Arnold.
I'll go to the track with dreams of mimicking Usain Bolt!
I'll continue to eat crappy and complain about my weight!
I'll talk about getting on my bike and putting in more miles!
I'll get the itch to run a full marathon somewhere around July!
I'll talk about spending more time in the pool!
I'll have a few Hangover morning runs and wonder why!
I'll volunteer for races and cheer for all the people that I know!
I'll complain about the cold weather and why we're still running outside!
I'll bitch about the treadmill and why I can't run more than 30 minutes on it without ripping my hair out!
I'll marvel at the progress that my TNT participants make throughout the Winter months!
I'll cheer wildly for my TNT participants at their events!
I'll bitch about subscribing to running magazines that tell me how to run in the heat and cold!

Okay, let's get this party started...............



Lily on the Road said...

ahhhhh, and that's why I continue to read about all your things that are real!!!

Happy New Year to the most honest, hair pulling, treadmill hating, Volunteer of the Year Man I know!

lindsay said...

Umm. Bloggers are not normal.
Sounds like an excellent list of plans for the new year. I think you'll be the only person I know who achieved 100% of their "goals" :)

Marlene said...

I am inspired by your ambitions!

Racn4acure said...

Yay, 2012 is here, I hope the year is good for you. Sounds like you have all kinds of plans / non-plans. Art