Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday's Why

Well we had out first TNT track workout and now I know WHY I enjoy working with this group so much.

I think we had wind gust of up to 20 mph but that didn't deter the participants from doing their workout.

I had planned on 4 x 1000 but because of the wind, we cut it to 4 x 800.

I guess my why for Wednesday could be, 'why does everyone run that first 400 so fast?'.

After yelling at a few of them to slow down they seemed to get a better handle on the workout.

The other great thing about it, is watching the faces of the other people on the track, they're always wondering why this group of adults are on the track running fast?

I love it.................


Running Around Acres said...

Track practice - love em and hate em. I have just learned to run the first one slow. But boy, do they help you.

Jess said...

Common issue we all have: starting too fast.

Marlene said...

I need someone to come out and scream at me to SLOW DOWN in the first 400m.

Sounds like your team did a great job!