Sunday, April 12, 2009

TNT 20/13 Miler

Well it was a beautiful morning for a long run. We held the group run at another metro park that was central to the Detroit area teams. This is how everyone gets to meet their teammates that will be going to the same events.

Now when I say beautiful, I really mean the sun was shining. We still had temps hovering around 35º and a slight breeze.

Typically when our group runs at our home base, we take the first mile really slow but not today. You would have thought it was the beginning of the Boston marathon. Almost everyone took off way too fast.

Fortunately, the fast start didn't take everything out of my team. It was so encouraging to see the 1/2 marathoners finish ten miles and take the last 5k in stride. Of course some of them entered the 'Bite-me zone' but no profanity was directed my way.

The full marathoners completed their 20 miles with no real difficulty but it took it's toll on them. I continue to tell them that they will have something left for that last 10k.

Everyone limped away in good spirits and now the taper begins.

I on the other hand, somehow tweaked my back and was barely able to get out of the car when I got home. I attribute it to turning the calendar too many times and the cold weather.

It's amazing how your body becomes a weather predictor and needs to be warm.

After spending the entire remainder of the day with a heating pad, it's getting better. That and a muscle relaxer!

I did get out and run a mile on the school track this morning without any problems.


Melanie said...

great job getting the team to taper, Coach! Take care of your back, hope you feel better soon.

Running Around Acres said...

Great job Coach. What event are you training them for?

Hope the back gets better.

Marcy said...

OK what exactly is the "bite me zone" again? LOL

Jess said...

Great job coaching everyone through their peak week! Now, they can start to scale back to the ileage and bombard you with their worries about race day!

Racn4acure said...

It is a beautiful day if (1) you can hear the alarm go off and see it to shut it off (2) you have health and strength to be out there running / walking that far - or any distance, really. But the sun shining makes it a really beautiful day.

Well done to your team! Thank them for making a difference.

My 13 miles Saturday was a good lesson on leaving a little gas in the tank for the last few miles. Man, between my foot hurting and the fatigue that I felt I was really struggling. Didn't quite hit the "bite me Zone" but I could see it coming.

Marlene said...

AWESOME weather. Definitely makes it easy to get going.

Hope the back is okay.

Marci said...

LOL, I have been in the "bite me" zone many a times. They must really like you not to scream profanity :)

ChristyP said...

hope you get that back better!