Thursday, April 2, 2009

Three Down

It's funny that with work, running and Team in Training I didn't realize that the month of March had come and gone.

Hey, we still have March Madness coming to Detroit, it can't be over.....

As much as I want the summer months to get here, the days are moving way too fast.

March was a good month for running and exercising, but work beat me up pretty bad.

Pat, the running streak is still alive and well. I've only had one day that almost got to me!

With April comes the addition of speedwork, that weekly routine to make us quicker than our competition. April will also mean getting on the bike whenever possible, remember I have 29 hours in my day!

So as we bid month number three farewell, we can look forward to the lawn mowing, barbecuing, road racing, swimming, cycling months ahead.

Now why am I so tired??????


Runner Leana said...

Hey, you've been a busy wonder you are tired! I can't believe this year is moving so quickly. I'm looking forward to summer too, but I'm also TERRIFIED of the races I have coming up! Yup, you heard that right, I'm scared!!!

Jess said...

I get to look forward to those "summer" things year round! Ha.

Sonia said...

Barbecue is on the patio right now!!!!!!!!! SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!! WOOHOO!! =)

Marlene said...

You're still on the streak? Running every day?? Awesome!