Friday, April 17, 2009


It appears that we have finally turned the corner and can enjoy some spring weather. I've been able to get out and run at lunch yesterday and today, in shorts and a T-shirt!!!!

Is it too soon to put on sunscreen?

Christie had never heard of 'The Stick', so here's a picture.

We had another successful track workout with the TNT participants and they are actually enjoying the pain! Wait until we get to the mile repeats...............

My back is much better and I didn't even use the old drugs. I'm really surprised since nothing on this body heals quickly anymore.

We're getting to the last few weekends for the Spring team and their nerves are starting to show. I really hate not going to the events but money is tight for everyone, especially charitable organizations.

Good luck to everyone that is headed to Beantown for Monday's marathon. I think the forecast has rain in it but they've been wrong before.

Good luck to Meb Keflezighi in London, like he really read my blog........ I just love to namedrop.

Have a great weekend.


Christie said...

The high was about 70 today too. But it doesn't help running before the sun comes up. It's still cold.

And what the heck goes on with that stick? Looks like a weapon.

I'm glad your back is feeling better. Chamomile tea is supposed to be good for stuff like that. Check it out.

Jess said...

Glad you're enjoying the spring weather!

Lily on the Road said...

Have a great weekend too! Have a BEvERage for me, I can't because I'm on drugs....sigh...

maybe I'll have some chamomile tea....BWAAHHHHAAAAA, actually I like it, sorry Christie....that was rude.

Anne said...

We had friends over for dinner last night and watched "Saint Ralph" -- have you seen it? It'll put you in the mood for Boston tomorrow. Great movie. Hope the warmer weather proves perfect for you and your TEAM.

Kim said...

It's NEVER too soon to put on sunscreen goose! Enjoy the great weather.

Meb Keflezighi said...

Hey thanks for the shout out.

Pat said...

Wow, he does read your blog.

and the stick is to die for.