Monday, August 2, 2010

What's the Plan, Stan?????

I've been testing out a couple of training websites for logging and noticed the one thing that they have in common is a place for planned mileage and actual mileage.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Since I don't have a scheduled race, I don't have a training plan! Duh............

I've enjoyed the fact that I'm running without any pain or injuries(which is my lifelong plan), but it's time to put something on the calendar and be accountable.

So I'll be spending the next few days looking for the perfect training schedule.

Can you believer that July has come and gone????

I beginning to really dislike the thought of cooler temps, even though July was hot as hell!

I attended a celebration of life for a good friend and runner that had a cycling accident that required back surgery and still has him rehabbing after a month. This was truly inspiring to have so many of his friends turn out. Each of us donated to purchase him an iPad, to help him continue working while regaining total use of his hands and fingers.

I know some really amazing people.............


Anonymous said...

What a great group of caring people!
Look forward to learning about what you decide to do!

Marlene said...

What a thoughtful gift for your friend!

Good luck finding that training plan. It's about tiem you stopped slacking off. ;)