Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Moanin'

This is exactly why I hate those stupid early morning runs on the weekend.

4:33 AM came too soon today. Oh my aching head.........

I have to get my run in before work because the heat index is suppose to go to 195º later in the day!

How am I going to run with this slight hangover????

Just 'suck it up, Mary'........

Okay, here goes nothing....... left, right, left.

Hey, this isn't too bad. I must have killed those brain cells that have been telling me to stop running and walk.

I'm feeling pretty good, let me check my pace and distance.....

WTF???? I've only gone an eighth of a mile?

Remember that guy that passed me on my run yesterday? Well the Running gods flipped the script today and I was the one doing the passing.

This guy didn't know what hit him as I passed him with my gazelle-like stride...... ha, that even made me laugh.

Did any of you watch the Hawaii Ironman on television yesterday?

I am still amazed at the elite athletes as well as the weekend warriors that participate in it.

I still find it hard to watch the bent over runners struggling to the finish line. I'm not sure I could push myself to that point............ crazy!

I wore my Garmin on the golf course for the first time, just to see how far I walk. Three miles, three BEvERages and several lost balls later I was done. Where have you worn your Garmin other than a run????


Marlene said...

What kind of crazy person wakes up at 4:30 AM? hahahaha

Bethany + Ryan said...

you are nuts for gettin gup that early! and on top of that a hangover? wow! that's dedication!

Her Name is Rio said...

Monday Moanin'- now that's dedication!