Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday's Why???????

Wow the weekend went faster than Tyson Gay's last race....

If you've never participated in a Beer Mile(drink a beer run a 1/4 mile), don't do it. Nuff said and I think I'm finally back to normal.

We have finally left Humidville here in the High-Five state and now 80º feels like 80º, instead of 1000º.........

People were actually cutting their long runs short over the weekend because of the heat and humidity!

I've thrown down a semi-challenge to my son for a race between the two of us. I told you not to run a Beer Mile, it makes you do stuff like that.

So, now I have to get super-fast in a short period of time.... Ha, like that will ever happen.

Step one, go to speed-work sessions and get ready to puke.

We did 1/2 mile repeats, which is my fav.......... I did my five intervals and was feeling pretty good. I didn't push it to the point of red-lining but it was more than a stroll in the park.

So this leads to Wednesday's question.

Why do runners go out like a bat out of hell on the first interval, only to die and never be seen again?????

You know who you are...........


Marlene said...

It's easy to get caught up in that first interval... I have to consciously slow myself down. Doesn't always work, but I've never bailed on a workout because of it either. ;)


JoannaRuns said...

Funny post! Good luck with that race challenge...and there's a pool started if you want to take bets on how old my son will be before he can beat me in a mile race.

Lily on the Road said...

Gah, I'm too old and salty to get caught up in the mix of the speedy speedster's, I just lope along till the joints start to move....HA!

Good Luck with the father / son smack down!!!

Jess said...

Where 80 feels like 80?! I don't ge to experience that feeling for a few more months!

Run Jess Run said...

Beer and running...two things I love, but could never combine!

Thanks for the words of advice, BTW! They were very helpful;)

Sun Runner said...

I know for a fact that beer miles can be hazardous to one's health. :)