Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday's Why????

I will not complain about the weather, I will not complain about the weather, I will not complain about the weather!!!

As Nelly once said, "it's getting hot in here".........

Another warm day and I missed my early morning run due to early meetings at work!!! Now I'll have to brave the heat and get in some slower miles.

Why is it that I can run 26.2 miles but hate walking 3/4 miles to the grocery store?

I've come to the conclusion that I am walking around constantly dehydrated. I was talking to a friend and it dawned on me that I didn't have any fluids during the day at work!!!

Give me some ideas to get fluids in me! They won't let me drink beer at work,, the MAN always wants to keep me down..........


Marlene said...

I keep a 750mL (do you speak in millilitres???) stainless steel bottle on my desk and refill throughout the day. I'm up to 3-4L between 8am and 5pm. Cut the coffee!!

I will not complain about the weather. Oh wait, I already did. I miss February!

Lisa said...

I have a cup that I leave at my desk so I can fill it up in the cafe and drink it while I work. I usually try to fill it up 2-4 times a day minimum. I just wash it each afternoon and it is good to go the next day.
Speaking of beer, I took Ji to lunch this week and got a refill on my organic iced tea - um the refill did not taste quite the same, turns out it was beer!!! LOL, perhaps you could have it at work if you pretended you were a big iced tea drinker, lmao!!!

JoannaRuns said...

G2, my friend! The slight sweetness & flavor somehow make it more enjoyable during the workday.

Run Jess Run said...

I have a Nalgene bottle that I tote around like it's my third arm.

kara said...

Ya - buy a fancy water bottle with some inspirational logo on it. Like "I Can Run Faster Than You."
: )
You're bound to drink more!
PS. Don't forget to fill it with water!