Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday's Why????????

Our local area has the pleasure of having quite a few specialized running stores that really help the running community. One of those shops is the Hanson's Running Shop where we hold our Team in Training clinics.

They also oversee group training runs and speedwork sessions for runners of all abilities!

So last night I just happened to have a open time slot in my busy schedule and decided to join in on the fun of speedwork!

So, there lies my question of the day, 'what the hell was I thinking?'.....................

Why did I have the need to punish myself and run like I was in shape???

Actually is was almost fun and I got an opportunity to see a bunch of older running friends that I hadn't seen in months. It is truly amazing what we'll go through to shave a few seconds or minutes off of our race times.

On another note, I noticed that Nathans sells 'Power Shower Refreshing Wipes', aren't those called 'Baby Wipes'.......


Marlene said...

They really can market ANYTHING as a running product, can't they??

Good job pushing yourself with some speed work!

CoachLiz said...

Good job on going to the track. Don't forget to go again next week if it fits in your schedule. Speed work is good for you.