Thursday, May 6, 2010

Three Thing Thursday

1) Whatever I ate and transformed into an aliens in my digestive system has passed(both literally and figuratively). I'm still eating bland foods but my stomach feels almost normal. I even resorted to old school remedies, like eating Saltines and drinking Ginger Ale.

2) My little secret middle school track where we held our TNT track workouts isn't a secret anymore. A few Personal Trainers are bringing their clients up there to workout and run. I just tell my team to run fast and look good.

3) I am totally confused with this weight-loss thing! Even having stomach issues hasn't help me lose a few pounds? Once again, I will never judge people for not being able to lose weight, this crap is tough!

I'm also trying to get my Spring team together for a mini-reunion now that their events have concluded. Should I make it a informal afternoon BBQ of burgers and dogs with BEvERages or an evening of appetizers and BEvERages?


JoannaRuns said...

We're having our Spring Team dinner tonight at Olive Garden--YUM, but no beer...

Marlene said...

Saltines and gingerale always do the trick for me! Glad you're feeling better.

Give it some time for the weight loss... be patient! Your body might be saying WTF!

Run Jess Run said...

I hope that ginger ale is Vernors, sir. The pride of Michigan!