Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday's Why on Thursday

Why am I still in Michigan when my TNT team is in Nashville?

Just like every other sector in this country, the charitable organizations have been taking a beating due to the economy.

They've had to cut back on expenses and one of those was coach's travel.

So my team is basking in the sunshine of warmer temps of Nashville getting ready to conclude their TNT journey.

I miss them already.........



Jess said...

Too bad you can't be there in person, but I'm sure they know you're there in spirit!

Kerry said...

Sorry to hear that Ken. Wow you Coach's do a wonderful job to for TNT. I know what you do doesn't go unnoticed by us patients out here.
I m sad for you to..But proud of the job you do in our behalf.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

sorry to hear that... I'm sure you'll be in their thoughts each step of the way!

Kim said...

Very sorry to hear that. They will certainly miss you and wish you were there with them. Coachs, especially on race weekend, are HUGELY important to the participants.

Nashville should be a great time for them. It's a great race.

Pat said...

I hope some of the coaches went. That's a big part of the TnT experience.

Runner Leana said...

No coaches? Oh no! I know you guys are so valued out on the course. I really appreciated the huge TNT cheering groups at the Nike Women's Race, since even though I wasn't with TNT, all of the screaming helped propel me forward.