Friday, April 3, 2009


What Would Runners Do???

We are such creatures of habit when it comes to our running. I have my favorite brand of socks and some brand loyalty with my shoes (Brooks).

Some of us even have a set routine that we go through before we run, certain stretches or not!

So I got to thinking about some situations that I've been in and how they effected my running.

Since I'm running every day at least one mile, I may be faced with some uncomfortable circumstances along the way.

So I'm asking each of you would you:

  • Run one mile barefoot(didn't pack my shoes in my bag)?
  • Run without socks and risk the blisters?
  • Run in your work clothes?
  • Run after consuming several BEvERages?
  • Run sick?
  • Run in a storm?
Just asking..................


Marlene said...

You did all of those things? You are a trooper. Wow. Either that or insane. ;)

I once ran without socks in an underwire bra. Forgot to pack socks and a sports bra. It was not pleasant...

Pat said...

I'd do all those things. But, I'd also use any excuse to buy my running shoes ahead of time.

Sonia said...

yeah no shoes would be painful but I guess you could still use your work shoes... better than barefoot in my opinion!!

Jess said...

I have run sick. I have run after drinking a few beers (not recommended), and I have run in rain storms (one was so bad that I could barely see ten feet in front of me).

Marci said...

I have run sick and in a storm, but without shoes, that is hardcore!

Marci said...

Oh yeah, I have tried to run after a few "beverages", not good, :)!

Runner Leana said...

Would I?

* Run one mile barefoot - probably not!
* Run without socks and risk the blisters? - Probably!
* Run in your work clothes? - like more than racing a few blocks to make a meeting? probably not!
* Run after consuming several BEvERages? - probably!
* Run sick? - you betcha!
* Run in a storm? - snow storm, yes! rain storm with lightning? no!

Runner Leana said...

Come to think of it though, I have run in a rain storm with lightning. Yeah...that was one fast run back to the car!

CoachLiz said...

I have run barefoot at a school track. It is good to practice natural forefoot running.

I have run without socks for a triathlon and had nasty blisters. I always bike without socks.

I have run in a rain storm with lightning. Kinda scary but I had to keep going to make it to the car. Once you are wet is no big deal.

I probably would not do the rest.