Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday Stuff

Saturday started with the TNT group training run where the team performed fantastic!

These individuals are growing as runners and far exceeding my expectations.

Full marathoners got in 18 miles, while the half-marathoners ran 9 miles in warmer than normal temps.

Our team in Nashville were also greeted with warmer than normal conditions, but that didn't stop them. I can't wait to hear their stories.

This was followed with a couple of hours of watching the NFL Draft, which is as exciting as watching paint dry.

The weather was suppose to be sunshine and hot, but Mother Nature had a different idea and we received rain, hail and wind.

But that didn't stop a few neighbors from starting a fire and opening a few BEvERages in the evening.


Carly said...

Nice job to the team! wind, rain, and hail? Man you are hardcore.

Kerry said...

Just curious is this the team that was running yesterday at Stoney Creek off of 26 mile?

Use to meet members of one team out there in 2001 maybe or 2000. They use to meet at the boat launch out there.
Glad to hear things are going well and would love to hear the stories of how those who went to Nashville did.

We have sure had some really weird weather here in Metro Detroit.

CoachLiz said...

Ha, one our coaches in Nashville called us yesterday morning and she was at mile 6.5 and had already had a beer and the TNTers with her were whooping it up in the background. I have to hear more about that race.

Marlene said...

You sounds like such a proud coach! Can't wait to hear how everyone did in Nashville.

Jess said...

Glad you had such a nice Saturday!

Marcy said...

Then why did you watch it? I yelled at the Mr for watching that stupid thing. Like why not wait til it's ALL done and then see what happened?

Marci said...

Good luck with your coaching Ken.