Thursday, September 27, 2012


1) My knee SUCKS! I wake up in the morning and it hurts???? Am I sleep running? Later in the day it feels better but I want to bang away at it since I have a doctors appointment now!

2) A co-worker that is running her first marathon in Chicago sent me this:

3)  I in return reminded her that it's still a 'race'. She responded with some interesting insight:

I've been saying, "I registered to run the Chicago Marathon" and "I'm training to run the marathon."
It's been a bit of an adjustment to realize and say out loud, "I'm running the Chicago Marathon."

Amazing what a few months of training can do for an individual.............


Anne said...

The knee ache could be the onset of arthritis or another malady of aging. I know, I know. Not what anyone wants to hear. And I love the marathon graphic.

Katie said...

ahaha love the facts!