Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday's Thoughts.....

I took the entire weekend off from running and did my impressions of a normal person, here are some thoughts:

You can sleep in and it's still early enough to beat the majority of the world out running errands!

You don't really care what the weather report is, since you're in a car!

Coffee on the patio taste better.

You see all your Facebook friends have been up and out for hours before you finish your first cup of coffee.

Your neighbors look at you differently when you don't have on running gear and you're outside.

It was nice to make it to church and not rush.

Breakfast before noon.

Wow, you runners sure are a strange lot.


Kathy said...

Slept in to 8:30 the other day and woke in an absolute panic - felt like I just wasted the whole day away - but I sure was well rested!!
Are you going to be on the course on the 21st? Hoping to see you out there!

Lisa said...

I slept in until....7am....when on vacation and not running. Am I living like a cRaZy person or what?!?!

Terzah said...

I slept in a lot when I was sick. I felt guilty but not guilty enough.

Can you believe the big race is in two point five weeks?

Joanna said...

coffee on the porch DOES taste better!