Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts of 9/11

No matter how many years pass, I still remember where I was when the first plane crashed into the first tower.

The only other time in my life I have such clarity about a major event was when President Kennedy was assassinated.  I know some of you probably thought I was going to say Lincoln......

The morning of 9/11 I was at LifeTime Fitness and today I was at LifeTime Fitness, so I'm still trying to get this body right.

Okay more thoughts.......

Why do people wait on closer parking spots in the gym parking lot?

Why do we need expensive leather gym bags, when a paper grocery bag will suffice?

Why is Jillian coming back to Biggest Loser?

I saw an advertisement for Garmin with Meb endorsing it....

What do true barefoot runners do in the winter???

Why are they called 'love handles' when I hate them so much?

Could you out run Jason Voorhees?

Why do the women always trip over something when they're running from the bad guy?

What costume would you like to run in at Halloween?


Terzah said...

The only other event I remember with 9/11 clarity is when Columbia blew up. I was in the junior high school library. For 9/11, I was in Russia teaching a class--in Russia, it was already 9/12 when the news hit.

I'm thinking for Halloween I want to be zombie runner. Still working on the details.....

lindsay said...

How come you dont remember Lincoln's as well as Kennedy's? ;) I LOL'd at work at your line.

At least you are still making healthy habits & choices!

OMG love handles... Hahaha. You have the best random thoughts ever.