Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Moaning.........

Okay, I've read two blog post about people being sic with a cold. Is it possible for me to have caught their bug by commenting?

I actually took some cold medication that made me feel worst than the cold??? WTF?

I attended a company reunion on Friday and was asked the million dollar question a hundred times, 'do you still run????'.

I wore gloves on my run yesterday, but I won't wear long pants until it's really cold!

I started unpacking long-sleeved shirts and I have a ton from races in 1990????? LOL..


Terzah said...

I wish I'd kept all my shirts from the 90s! I have one or two but that's it. They're all cotton.

I'm sorry you were sick. My blog apologizes to your blog for passing on toxic viruses. Cold medicine stinks. I've been doing what my mom and sis-in-law advise and sticking to a mixture of lemon tea, honey and bourbon!

Joanna said...

I'm pretty sure you can catch a cold via blogging. Why not? :)

I busted out a long sleeved shirt for the first time today. I so love the fall running season!

Melissa C said...

I feel like such a wimp now! I wore pants and long sleeves yesterday, AND gloves. It wasn't really that cold, except when I push the stroller I need gloves at warmer temps b/c my arms don't swing and keep blood in them. I pushed up my sleeves and didn't need the pants, though, but I did need to do laundry :)