Friday, September 21, 2012

T.G.I.F................It's Fall

The summer of 2012, ah the memories............

I'm really beginning to like not having a Garmin when I run (not really but I'm cheap).

Why aren't the Garmins cheaper on their website? If you cut out the middle person, shouldn't it cost less???

I was talking to a Personal Trainer friend who just got a divorce. Both him and his ex-wife were big in the running community. I was totally interested in how they're handling the running thing, since the running community is soooooooooooo small. How do you deal with seeing your ex at events and trainings with someone else? Do you just stop going to stuff or stop running all together?

I love talking to the older guys at the gym about injuries and just getting old. There's a regular group that can talk about joint replacements and what local doctors are great or crap! The Men's locker room at the gym is almost like the barbershop, the stories that are told. I'm sure the women do the same thing..... HA

Okay, the weekend is upon us, so go forth and run............


Melissa C said...

I don't get it either. Maybe Garmin is just making more money that way.

A guy from Team Aquaphor recently posted about racing his ex wife's new boyfriend, and him holding back to beat the other guy at the last 100yards or so. Apparently racing has become less about PRs and more about "just beating the ex's boyfriend at races". I am sure it makes for some interesting dynamics at events.

I love fall too! I can NOT wait to run return to MI for two more races this fall, Brooksie and Detroit! Whoo Hoo! It doesn't feel like fall yet in KY.